These Polls Say It All - “Americans Are Angry, Disappointed and Worried” (VIDEO)

There is no way that anyone should ever consider NBC to be a reliable source of conservative news. "Meet the Press," anchor Chuck Todd frequently reeks of far-left progressivism. Seriously, the man is a product of the radical, left-leaning, anti-American mindset that permeates MSNBC.

Chuck Todd resides in the idealistic "leftist" society. He doesn't even portray a moderate in a convincing manner. However, America should pay attention when the host of a liberally inclined Sunday talk show presents a statistics board that criticizes the current administration.

That's exactly what took place on Sunday. Todd was actually able to interpret the graph in front of him with a fair amount of accuracy. He was unable to contest the statistics after examining the percentage of "The country is" responses.

He said, “Americans are angry, disappointed, and worried about the future of the country.” Like, no kidding, Chuck! NBC’s own poll said that 74 percent of Americans say, “The country is off on the wrong track.” Five percent evidently couldn’t decide, and 21 percent were basically clueless.

Again, like, no kidding! The country is suffering from the most prolonged and worst inflation numbers in over 40 years. Our southern border is leaking like a sieve. Since Joe Biden took over, millions of illegal migrants and tons of deadly drugs have spewed across our border.

The international community no longer respects the United States. We cannot be trusted to stand bravely beside our allies. Joe Biden can’t do anything right. For some odd reason, the Biden administration thinks its so-called “Inflation Reduction Act” will save the day.

As we inch closer to the midterm elections, and inflation remains unchanged but energy costs begin to rise again, Americans will witness the truth. This piece of legislation is a piece of something alright. It will gradually, but steadily, further erode the economy.

But to hear liberals talk, especially Joe Biden, everything is rosy. Well, not according to a national survey conducted by one of your parrots in the corrupt mainstream media. When a mainstream media poll says you’re a problem, you can bet Americans are not happy.

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