The Youngest Fatality From COVID-19 In The World Passed Away In This State...

It hard news to hear that a 6-week old baby has passed in any situation.

This infant had no known health conditions and sadly pronounced the youngest in the world to pass away from the Coronavirus Wednesday.

I pray that this horrible virus leaves our reality faster then it came into it.

According to The Daily Mail:

A six-week-old baby in Connecticut has died from coronavirus and is believed to be the youngest confirmed fatality from the illness anywhere in the world.  

The infant was taken to the hospital unresponsive last week and could not be revived. Their death was announced on Wednesday by Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont. No other details were given other than that. 

Lamont said he believes the infant is the youngest fatality 'anywhere'.  

'It is with heartbreaking sadness today that we can confirm the first pediatric fatality in Connecticut linked to #COVID-19. 

'A 6-week-old newborn from the Hartford area was brought unresponsive to a hospital late last week and could not be revived. 

'Testing confirmed last night that the newborn was COVID-19 positive.

'This is absolutely heartbreaking. We believe this is one of the youngest lives lost anywhere due to complications relating to COVID-19.

'This is a virus that attacks our most fragile without mercy. This also stresses the importance of staying home and limiting exposure to other people. 

'Your life and the lives of others could literally depend on it. Our prayers are with the family at this difficult time,' he said in a string of tweets.   

Connecticut has 3,128 cases and 69 deaths as a result of coronavirus. 

It is unknown if the baby had any respiratory problems or underlying health conditions. 

It is extremely important to be extra precautious. Shop once a week, don't go into the public, and get adequate rest.

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