The Worst Mayor Ever Now Thinks He’d Make a Good U.S. Congressman

Like virtually every liberal-run major U.S. city, New York is suffering. New Yorkers are suffering because of the abysmal policies enacted by these radically progressive leaders. It’s happening all across the nation, especially in large metropolises governed by Democrats.

However, New York’s last mayor set the benchmark for bad leadership. In fact, most experts refer to Bill de Blasio as the all-time worst big-city mayor in history. He was a complete failure. He has driven New York into an abyss rivaled only by the fictional cesspool, Gotham City.

A stroll through this once proud city today displays an eerie similarity between the comic book nickname that many use for “The Big Apple”. New York is rotten to its core. The most glaring reason is comrade de Blasio.

But if driving one of America’s most prized cities into the ground wasn’t enough, de Blasio has his sights set on destroying the entire state of New York. These liberal ideologues have no shame. Like de Blasio, most are self-absorbed narcissists.

They believe that they are part of an all-knowing class of elites who somehow know what’s best for everyone else. They do not. Certainly, there is ample blame for New York’s problems to go around.

However, when it comes to big city leadership, the buck stops at the mayor’s office. If you took a poll of New York City residents, most would be pleased that de Blasio is gone. He drove the city into the ground.

He left New York worse off in virtually every category. Crime in New York City skyrocketed under his leadership. Newly elected liberal mayor Eric Adams is struggling to reassure New York City residents that it’s safe to come out of their homes.

The COVID-19 policies pushed by de Blasio destroyed businesses and decimated communities. New York City was one of the highest ranked cities for the number of residents who chose to move out.

Comrade de Blasio’s Marxist ideology destroyed the New York City economy. A once great city is now viewed as a cesspool of out-of-control crime, which lacks the once heralded aura as the world’s greatest big city.

Some thought de Blasio would throw his hat into the ring for New York governor. But he’s decided to pursue a seat in the United States House of Representatives instead. The worst mayor in New York City history has his eye on the 10th congressional district’s seat.

The district’s voting-age population has a higher percentage of Hispanic voters than it does of white. Asian voters outnumber registered black voters by a margin of 20 percent to 8 percent. People across the nation are expressing grave concern about the direction of the country.

New York City is no different. But what types of policies would Bill de Blasio push that would make things better? This man is a disaster. He makes everything he touches worse. At the end of his term as mayor, only 37 percent of New York City’s residents approved of de Blasio.

Why does he think voters will forget how deplorable he was as their mayor? He must appeal to other voters that probably dislike him even more. Bill de Blasio is your typical liberal ideologue. He believes everyone loves him, when in fact, it’s the complete opposite.

Bill de Blasio is a self-absorbed narcissist. No one misses this clown, especially New Yorkers. He ruined one of America’s proudest cities; now he wants to ruin the whole district. What a clown. Bill de Blasio is the worst mayor in history, and he’ll be an even worse congressman.

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