The Superspreader Event of the Year Just Earned Its Title

If you watched the White House Correspondents' Dinner, you probably witnessed Trevor Noah's set in which he made fun of various politicians with his humor.

It may not be the most popular opinion, but if you ask me what I thought of his set, I thought it was actually done fairly well. On multiple occasions, he criticized both the left and the right, including Joe Biden himself. That does not imply that I approve of him. I still dislike him, but putting that aside, I believe the jokes he made about both sides were a reasonable approach to the situation.

One of the jokes that he made at the very beginning was that he had thanked everyone for showing up to this superspreader event. He said that because obviously there were hundreds, if not thousands of people there for the event. Surely someone was sick with the virus and would spread it around.

As it turns out...yep, that was 100% accurate.

In the days following the event, several people who attended have reportedly tested positive for the virus.

“In the days since WHCD weekend, reporters and staffers from CNN, ABC News, NBC News, CBS News, Politico, and other participating news organizations have tested positive for the virus,” CNN reported.

“[M]uch of Tuesday afternoon seemed to consist of attendees trading text messages and emails about colleagues and friends and people they had seen who had tested positive. That’s almost certainly going to continue in the days ahead,” CNN’s senior media reporter Oliver Darcy wrote.

Darcy spoke with WHCA President Steven Portnoy, who he quoted as saying: “We worked hard to publicize our protocols and encouraged those eligible to get b00ster sh0ts in the weeks leading up to the dinner. Our event implemented protocols that went beyond any guidance or regulation issued by the CDC or the DC health department. We wish anyone who may not be feeling well a speedy recovery.”

Where is the media to blow this up like they did with the outdoor event that President Trump held?

This is still clear indication of what those on the left really think about the illness. It's not a big deal to them anymore, they just use it as leverage to push their agenda and control the population as much as they can.

And Joe Biden was there. Is it possible that he'll test positive as well? Maybe he already has. Time will tell. I think it's honestly just a matter of time.

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