‘The Real Minimum Wage Is Zero’: McDonald’s Replaces Employees with Automation

In no small part due to the radical progressive push to jack up the minimum wage, many businesses are looking for ways to save expenses. With the rise of artificial intelligence, it seems that cutting employee wages may be an option company executes are quickly exploring.

If a company can implement an AI system with minimal maintenance expense and eventually zero wages, they can reduce costs and increase profits. However, the loser in this scenario is the worker. Earlier this month, McDonald’s revealed a test restaurant near Fort Worth, Texas.

The new fast food location uses automation technology to replace dozens of former employees. The change is getting mixed reactions from both conservatives and liberals. McDonald’s issued a statement about its new kiosk-based, self-serve system.

The statement reads: “the ability to concentrate more on order speed and accuracy, which makes the experience more enjoyable for everyone.” However, this statement fails to mention one key detail. There will no longer be a need for entry-level workers to fill these jobs.

That should come as an alarming development for under-skilled workers, or especially for that high-school teenager looking to earn a few extra dollars after class. Conservatives immediately called out the progressive push to indiscriminately “jack up the minimum wage.”

Many experts predicted this would happen as a result of "out of line" excessive minimum wage demands. Most Americans still do not believe a fast food worker warrants earning $15 per hour. It's difficult to say what constitutes fair pay for a hard day's work. It often depends on the job.

But what happened at this Fort Worth, Texas, business is a bad omen. Maybe making a paltry $8 to $9 an hour wasn’t something a worker could envision as a lifelong career opportunity. Certainly, companies should pay their workers fairly.

However, when progressive activists began pressuring companies raise their wages; this was an obvious if not unintended consequence.

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