The One Thing NO ONE Is Talking About in the Colorado Shooting

A lot can be said regarding the tragic incident that recently happened in Boulder, Colorado resulting in the deaths of nearly a dozen people.

For what appears to be no good reason, a man decided to take the lives of ten people who had done nothing wrong to him. We should all let this be a reminder that we should always be on our toes in public.

It really is sad that this is the reality that we're living in today in America, but here we are regardless. We can either whine about it, ignore it, or accept it and be prepared accordingly.

I've seen so many videos on YouTube of people getting carjacked or robbed or something of the sorts because they were not paying attention to their surroundings. When I enter a building, I know where the exits are and I have a plan to protect myself and my family.

One thing that we know about the shooter is that he is an Islamic Democrat from Syria. Democrats jumped all over the idea that he was a white male with a gun when the news first broke, only to have to eat their own BS afterward. They're not really talking about the fact that he was a registered Democrat, but there is something else here that's even more important that the mainstream media and the Democrats aren't talking about. How about the fact that all ten of the victims were white?

How is it that following the shooting in Atlanta, Democrats were laser-focused on most of the deaths being Asian-Americans and how it was a result of President Trump's supposed hatred and villainization of Chinese people, but when it comes to a Muslim man kills ten white people, they suddenly don't have anything to say about race or how hateful Joe Biden is against white people (he is a Democrat after all).

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