The Left Strikes At Trump For His Tax Info Even During A Global Pandemic, CRAZY

Even during a pandemic, the Trump haters are still looking for trash on him. It is absolutely pathetic and inappropriate during this time.

The President has got to be so tired of this, not only that extremely stressed trying to do the right thing and please everyone at the same time.

I cannot recall any other President hated so much that even during a global crisis that something as much as Trump's past keeps on being brought up. However, they are doing everything they can right before the election to gain votes and get Trump out of office.

According to Politico:

The House’s bid to subpoena President Donald Trump’s financial records appeared imperiled Tuesday as justices of all ideological stripes raised concerns that blessing the lawmakers’ efforts could unleash an avalanche of such requests that might paralyze Trump and future presidents.

In a case that pits the House’s demand for Trump’s financial documents against his attorneys’ claim that it intrudes on the constitutional powers of the presidency, the justices repeatedly expressed concern that the House had identified no substantive limits to the reach of its subpoenas. And that could become a harmful precedent, the high court jurists said.

“What I hold today will also apply to a future Senator McCarthy asking a future Franklin Roosevelt or Harry Truman exactly the same questions,” liberal Justice Stephen Breyer said. “That bothers me. So, what do I do?”

The case before the Supreme Court could affect Congress’ ability to conduct oversight of a president, as well as the president’s authority to refuse such attempts. The outcome of the cases stemming from the House subpoenas, expected over the summer, could affect the November election — because if Democratic lawmakers get their hands on Trump’s financial records, they are widely expected to make them public.

At issue are subpoenas the House issued last year to Trump’s accounting firm Mazars USA, as well as major Trump lenders Deutsche Bank and Capital One. All the queries, according to lawmakers, are intended to inform efforts to update ethics, disclosure and money laundering laws, as well as those pertaining to foreign influence in elections and government.

I believe the President has been doing a great job. Everyone has their faults. He's got to be the most stressed out and looked at man in the world, actually, we know he is. The sketchy Left takes everything they can run with to make him look incompetent.

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