The Left SLAMS Trump For Being Incompetent During His Intelligence Reports WOW

Can you imagine what it would be like to be in President Trump's shoes right now? How about the last four years?

There's one thing I appreciate about Trump being our President, he doesn't listen but follows his lead. That could be a bad thing but it been beneficial in some ways with how he handles himself. He speaks from his mind. He's not a robot who takes everyone's word and mimics what they have said.

That's a very good quality to have as a President in my opinion. People need a President that can communicate and associate with the people.

According to The Daily Mail:

'He has a short attention span and rarely, if ever, reads intelligence reports,' according to the report, based on interviews with 10 current and former intelligence officials.  

The paper examined the intelligence briefing process in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak that has led to the death of more than 90,000 Americans. The focus comes amid efforts to understand what Trump was told about the virus that could have inspired an earlier response or prepared the nation earlier.

The pushback from the intelligence community comes after Trump described his first briefing on the virus, on January 23, as inadequate and downplaying the threat posed by the virus. Trump said he was told 'it was not a big deal.'

'On Jan. 23, I was told that there could be a virus coming in but it was of no real import. In other words, it wasn't."

"Oh, we've got to do something, we've got to do something." It was a brief conversation and it was only on Jan. 23. Shortly thereafter, I closed the country to China. We had 23 people in the room and I was the only one in the room who wanted to close it down,' Trump said to Fox News.

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joseph parise
joseph parise

There are 3 corrupt MOBS here in our country AMERICA> (MEDIA) (HOLLYWOODIES) (TALK SHOW CLOWNS) they are the corrupt ones they never have any thing to say about good things? With them the good is bad and the bad is good? If anything was done to benefit (((EVERYONE IN THE COUNTRY EVEN THEM))) no flaws absolutely perfect? It would be (GUARANTEED)>the 3 mobs would have negative response> These 3 MOBS ARE THE MOST DANGEROUS TO ALL PEOPLE IN THIS COUNTRY. We all need to watch ourselves and pay close attention to these clowns on what they do and tell us… Read more »

Glenna Cox

Are these the same nuts who praise Biden? sick of their lies

Phil F
Phil F

Who are these former intelligence officials, likely former Obama DC Swamp Rats? Everyone, from Fauci, to the media, to democrats were downplaying the virus threat but now they want a do over so they can blame Trump for all virus deaths. That’s not how it works, President Trump responded immediately when it was known that the threat was real and shouldn’t be ignored. Democrats, Pelosi and de Balsio downplayed the threat and when the President acted they condemned him for shutting down travel from China where the virus started. No we haven’t forgotten that the democrats and the media were… Read more »