The Left Actually Took Trumps Disinfectant Speech To Heart, Ingesting Lysol Products

The Democrats will use any little thing they can to make President Trump look stupid. This is one of them. And honestly, if people really took what he said and misinterpreted it then it's on them. Common sense lacks these days.

President Trump was referring to the way that Drs often treat patients with UV light Therapy.

According to The Daily Mail:

During a White House briefing last week, Trump mused about whether applying highly toxic disinfectant directly to the lungs could fight COVID-19 after mentioning that researchers were looking into the chemicals' effects on the virus. 

'Is there a way we can do something like that, by injection inside or almost a cleaning?' he asked. 

'Because you see it gets in the lungs and it does a tremendous number on the lungs. So it would be interesting to check that.' 

The suggestion was quickly condemned by health experts who say drinking cleaning products such as bleach and Lysol is incredibly dangerous and potentially fatal.   

'PLEASE always talk to your health provider first before administering any treatment/ medication to yourself or a loved one,' the US Surgeon General's office tweeted. 

Trump and the White House have insisted that he was being 'sarcastic' when he made the cleaner comments, accusing the media of misrepresenting what he said.   

He addressed the matter again at a briefing on Monday when asked by a reporter about 'Maryland and other states' where governors say they've seen a spike in people misusing disinfectant. 

'I can't imagine why,' the president said. Probed about whether he takes responsibility, he followed up: 'No, I don't.' 

Asked about Trump's comments last week, Lopez told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that he felt too many people were misinterpreting the president, saying that he didn't actually recommend injecting disinfectants.  

The men that were identified from actually getting disinfectants and ingesting them were just as dumb as the whole tide pod challenge deal.

It is not hard to know that is a terrible idea. Even the labels say not for human consumption.

They should of left it for the DR's to treat them. Sadly the three men identified are not the only ones doing it.

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