The Anniversary The Media Wants You To Forget

It's been three years since George Floyd was killed by now-former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin and yet, despite Floyd getting a hero's sendoff with a gold casket, a horse-drawn carriage, and funeral services in three states, the occasion was barely mentioned by mainstream media outlets.

It seems as if Floyd's death served as a strange call to action for the progressive left, and not just in the United States. One contributing factor to this strange campaign of angering black Americans, as noted by Fox News contributor Heather Mac Donald, is the false narrative that people of color across the nation live in a country steeped in white supremacy and that any wrongdoing directed at them is interpreted as racism.

Since Floyd's death, homicides have risen an unprecedented 30%and continued to risein cities throughout the country, with Baltimore experiencing its deadliest month in nearly 50 years. When the culprits often turn out not to be police officers, the media's usual inclinations quickly change direction.

"When the black children's assailants are overwhelmingly black themselves, the country changes the subject, lest it be accused of a taboo attention to black crime," Mac Donald writes in her newest book, "When Race Trumps Merit".

Mac Donald continues to note that police are 400 times more likely to be killed by black suspects than unarmed blacks are to be killed by officers. In 2021, a grand total of 8 unarmed Black people were killed by police, yet an estimated 29 police officers were killed by black suspects.

Based on these facts, it doesn't take much imagination to understand why Democrats, businesses, and Hollywood have been eager to embrace the Black Lives Matter movement and why black people have been told time and again to be victimsrooting out the true sources of violence have proven to be too costly for the ruling class within our society.

It's a crime in and of itself that even as the attention of the media fleetingly shifts to commemorate Floyd, tens of thousands in the black community are still bearing the brunt of Black Lives Matter lies.

Although the hourly "racism updates" have ended, the concept of police-instigated violence against black people remains far too widespread. One such figure keeping the issue at the forefront is Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar, who insists law enforcement continues to act out against "black bodies" at the same rate, if not higher.

These days, it's worth noting that it's not just the police that might be in danger, but black officers themselves.

Perhaps it's time for a new talk: Black mothers need to ensure their sons are prepared to operate in uniform in a society that has done its best to demonize law enforcement. These sons should know that as police officers, they will need to always be alerteven while sitting in their squad carsand must take the necessary steps to protect their own lives if they are to sustainably oversee a community that is hostile toward them.

This may just be the best way to ensure that a tragedy such as the one that took away George Floyd is not repeated.

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