The 5 Biggest COVID Lies Science Experts and the Government Have Told Us

For two years now, the world has been consumed by a horrible pandemic. SARS CoV2, the virus that causes COVID-19, has produced devastating consequences. Millions of people have perished.

Over 800,000 Americans alone have died from COVID-19. However, from the very first reported case, the story has been about much more than just a deadly virus. Science experts and government bureaucrats have used the worst global health crisis in over 100 years.

Elected officials and members of both the science and medical communities, who we trusted to safely advise us, have lied and misled. These people used a deadly pandemic to manipulate and control. There have been so many policy “flip-flops”; it’s dizzying to think about them all.

Most people clearly remember the early days of the pandemic. A man who most felt we needed to and should trust, Dr. Anthony Fauci, bemoaned Americans to give him “15 days to flatten the curve”. It never flattened. The lies and deception have gotten progressively worse.

They’ve used social distancing, business and school closures and tyrannical lockdowns. The government, with help from scientific professionals, has leveled Draconian mandates and unnecessary orders. All were critical to supposedly ending the pandemic. It hasn’t ended.

Communities have been destroyed. People have fought over misinformation and argued about illogical mandates. Nothing has worked. The world is recovering from another case surge due to the variant Omicron. There’s one horrible part of this pandemic that stands out.

Even accepting that millions have died, it is the lying. The amount of purposeful deception is staggering. These people know they lied. They have no conscience. Here are five of the most blatant lies about COVID spewed by science experts and our government officials.

• 15 Days to Stop the Spread - This was the first thing many people will remember about the worst global health crisis since 1918’s Spanish Flu. Anthony Fauci went on national television to plead with society to give him 15 days. He proclaimed himself to be “science”.

Vast areas around the world are still under lockdowns and tyrannical COVID restrictions. This, after mounds of research proving lockdowns do not work. The 15 days were never going to stop this virus. Fauci knew this. We trusted Fauci. He lied. But it wouldn’t be the last time.

• Masks Aren’t Necessary  Fauci’s next lie closely followed his first untruth. He sat down for an interview on 60 Minutes Overtime. Fauci was asked about the effectiveness of wearing a mask. “Should Americans be wearing masks to protect themselves from the virus?”

In March 2020, Fauci said, “Right now, in the United States, people should not be walking around with masks”. He was asked twice. The interviewer insisted Fauci needed to be certain of his answer because people were listening to his advice. Fauci doubled down, “no”.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) supported Fauci’s claim. The CDC is another agency that has both misled and confused the public. Both the CDC and the Surgeon General said that Americans didn’t need to wear masks and should avoid buying them.

Like clockwork, both Fauci and the CDC flip-flopped on the mask recommendation. It took less than 30 days. In April 2020, each insisted that wearing a mask was vital. The confusion was ignited. There have been culture wars about mask efficacy ever since.

Now, reports surface about how masks never really did work. Government bureaucrats exercised power and control by ordering mask mandates in all sorts of situations. Despite these revelations, some places still require masks. It’s insane. They’ve been lying.

• Vaccine Mandates – On the presidential campaign trail, Joe Biden was asked whether federal mandates for a COVID vaccine should be a policy. He flat out said “no”. While he said he would “do everything in my power” to encourage everyone to get a vaccine, he insisted “no mandates”.

Biden lied. Within months of stealing his way into the White House, Biden tried to level tyrannical vaccine mandates across America. By targeting any business with more than 100 employees, Biden would have leveraged governmentally ordered medical control over millions.

Some of his vaccine mandates have survived legal challenges. Healthcare workers still face being fired if they don’t want to be vaccinated. However, the sweeping vaccine mandate for companies failed. But the key here isn’t the mandates. It’s the boldfaced lie Joe Biden told.

• The Virus Evolved Naturally – This was one of the first untruths both the scientific community and big government told us. In fact, anyone who even questioned the origins of COVID was targeted as a radical conspiracy theorist.

Fauci even led a concerted effort by members of the scientific community to discredit anyone who suggested that COVID did not evolve naturally. As more evidence was uncovered, it became a glaring reality. Fauci was lying. But why did he lie about this part of the pandemic?

Why would it matter to Anthony Fauci how the virus originated? His job is to be a go-between with science and government to reduce the damage. He’s done nothing of the sort. The truth is, Anthony Fauci had a lot to lose if the lab leak theory proved true.

Through his own agency, the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Fauci funneled funds to the Wuhan Institute of Virology. It’s now virtually guaranteed that the virus leaked out of this lab. Second, the money Fauci sent to the lab was used for gain-of-function-research.

Fauci lied about that as well. He said the money his agency approved through a third-party agency was never used for this type of dangerous research. That is untrue. The world now knows that the virus came from a lab in China, and Dr. Anthony Fauci lied about it.

• Children Should Not Be in School – This final lie may be the one with the most extensive consequences. Government bureaucrats insisted that kids must be forced into remote learning to stop the spread of the virus. School doors were slammed shut. Kids had to stay home.

These policies were used across virtually every public school system in America. So-called experts said kids will be fine, plus this will help end the pandemic quicker. Neither of these bold claims was true. They were both lies.

Children have suffered miserably from being locked out of their classrooms. The pandemic has created both an emotional and educational crisis in America. It never needed to happen. Kids are not prone to getting sick from COVID, and they do not readily spread the virus.

The consequences have produced a lost generation. It will take years, even decades for these children to recover. Many never will. This was an unnecessary policy that was pushed by the corrupt liberal teachers’ unions. They sat at home while our children suffered.

These are just five of the most blatant lies science experts and our government has told us. Each lie has been a weapon in an arsenal used to manipulate society. It has been about forced compliance. This is as close to a Nazi-like tyranny as the world has ever witnessed.

The COVID pandemic is a reality. It is not a hoax as some initially believed. The death and devastation sadly prove that the virus is real. But much of the narrative has been lies and distortions of the truth. Worst of all, these lies have come people we needed to trust.

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