That Was Weird: MSNBC Nutcase Dresses in Military Gear and Says He’s Fighting in Ukraine in New Video

The Democrat Party's collective bullhorn is the crooked mainstream media. The majority of Americans are well aware of how skewed their news coverage is. Most of these liberal news networks, on the other hand, make an attempt to appear like journalists. MSNBC is not one of them.

The radical anchors, hosts, and equally left-wing slanted storyline are a source of amusement for conservatives. MSNBC is dubbed "MSDNC" by conservatives and moderates. Because of the network's brazen kowtowing to the Democratic National Committee, this is the case (DNC).

MSNBC is without a doubt the greatest left-wing news outlet on the planet. We don't use the term "news" casually. But what's even more astonishing about the network is the number of complete psychopaths who work as journalists there.

There isn't a single news journalist on the MSNBC team that is even close to being qualified. It's as if they are unconcerned. MSNBC's on-air personalities are a slew of numbskulls!

If cable companies and streaming platforms categorized MSNBC accurately, it would be listed under the comedy genre. The network is truly that big of a joke. One of the biggest clowns on MSNBC is Malcolm Nance.

How Nance secured a degree in journalism, if he even has one, is astounding. Now, to be honest, Nance is a former Navy intelligence officer. He does have military experience. However, he’s been out of the service since at least 2007.

A quick glance at Nance’s physical body doesn’t illicit a picture of fitness. He looks about as ready for military battle as an impregnated bovine. But that important fact hasn’t curbed his enthusiasm. Nance showed up on Joy Reid’s failing nightly show “The ReidOut”.

He was dressed in full military combat gear. His intentions might be noble. But Nance couldn’t just show up in basic military attire to respectfully announce his desire to help Ukrainians fight Russia. He had to make a scene. Real soldiers don’t stage boastful scenes. They’re not fake.

But this nutcase had to show up, on-air, like he was some kind of heroic warrior set to save the day. He’s not. Nance will be lucky if he doesn’t get himself killed. That is, if he even gets within a hundred miles of actual fighting. What’s worse, he could get someone else killed.

We just hope this wacko isn’t part of the military aid package the Pentagon is giving to Ukraine. With Malcolm Nance in the ranks, the Russian army could just kick back and watch this nut job derail the entire Ukrainian strategy. Who needs enemies when you have freaks like this on your side?

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