Texas Supreme Court Delivers CRUSHING BLOW to Democrats Who Went AWOL

We know about the show the Texas Democrats put on last month by leaving their jobs to fly to Washington D.C. to party, protest, and spread COVID.

They left in defiance of an election integrity bill that would make elections in Texas more secure and free from fraud.

Democrats hate that idea, of course, so instead of staying to vote on it, they abandoned their posts and spread COVID along the way as several of them caught COVID in the process.

Governor Greg Abbott threatened to have them arrested upon their return because they violated the law. That's when a no-good Democrat judge signed a restraining order that would prevent Gov. Abbott from doing any such thing.

“The order, signed by Travis County State District Judge Brad Urrutia, keeps Republican Gov. Greg Abbott and Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan from ‘issuing any warrant or other instrument’ and ‘detaining, confining, or otherwise restricting a Texas House Democrat’s movement without his or her consent,'” according to CNN. The order also restricts law enforcement officers from arresting the “quorum-busting” Dems.

But that all changed thanks to the Texas Supreme Court.

The court overturned that measure which temporarily blocks the state district judge's restraining order that prevented the arrest of the AWOL Democrats.

That means that when they come back, they can and will likely be arrested, as they should be.

Abbott’s office applauded the Tuesday ruling. In a statement, a spokesperson for the governor noted that the Supreme Court “swiftly rejected this dangerous attempt by Texas Democrats to undermine our Constitution and avoid doing the job they were elected to do.”

“We look forward to the Supreme Court upholding the rule of law and stopping another stall tactic by the Texas Democrats,” the spokesperson added.

The legislation is going to get passed one way or the other. Imagine in Republicans threw a fit like this anytime they disagreed with the Democrats. They would be ridiculed by the left endlessly.

Sources: Daily Wire

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