Texas Mother of Two Found Dead In Mexico With All Her Teeth Pulled Out

A mother of two was killed viciously at a border town in Mexico. Her dead body was found with all her teeth missing, and there were other injuries that point to the fact she had been tortured before being killed.

Lizbeth Flores, 23, a resident of Brownsville, had gone to meet her boyfriend in the city of Matamoros on August 9; she told her mother she would be back the same day. When she did not return home the next day, her mom got worried and filed a missing person's report. Flores' body was found on August 11.

An examination revealed she was beaten with a rock that was found at the site from where the body was recovered, according to Matamoros police.

Maria Rubio, the victim's mother said, “Losing a child is like having your heart ripped out. I feel such sadness because of what they did to my daughter. The way they left her… The pain that my daughter went through there, at that moment. That’s what hurts. She was young. She had many things in front of her, and more because she had two children. I want that, what they did to my daughter, everyone that took part in her death, I want them to pay.”

According to DailyMail

A suspect has been arrested over the murder of an American mom-of-two who was found beaten to death with all of her teeth pulled out and part of her scalp removed in Mexico.

Braulio Martínez was arrested at his home in the subdivision of Molinos del Rey on Tuesday for the murder of 23-year-old Lizbeth Flores, a law enforcement official confirmed to DailyMail.com.

The official said the motive for the brutally violent crime was a robbery.

Flores was found dead on August 11, two days after she traveled from Texas to the town of Matamoros to visit the father of her two young children.

A Mexican government official told DailyMail.com that Flores' semi-naked, lifeless body was located on a grass field next to a construction site.

She reportedly died from a blunt-force trauma to the head after being struck with a rock that was found next to her body.

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