Texas Governor Greg Abbott Threatens Democrats' Paychecks After Staging a Walkout Over a New Election Security Bill

Imagine this, a worker walks off of a job. Let's say he works on a car assembly line and he just up and leaves. What would happen?

The answer is more often than not going to be that this guy is fired. You don't just leave a job like that. Should he expect to continue to be paid? Of course not. No work, no money.

While similar to a worker strike to elicit administrative concessions, what is going on in the Texas State Legislator isn't a strike for better pay or working conditions.

Democrat lawmakers in Texas are essentially walking off the job because they don't like the process. They're mad because the conservative majority feels it good policy to write legislation that protects an integral part of our democracy.

These pampered public purveyors, part of a national wave of liberal spoiled brats, walked out as the Republican-controlled Texas assembly was set to pass S.B. 7. This staged display of hurt feelings is obviously being driven by a radical progressive push to nationalize our elections, not to mention open the door to rampant election fraud.

Well, Texas Governor Greg Abbott is punching back. He has adamantly insisted that he will veto the legislative agenda that funds the salaries for Texas lawmakers. Gov. Abbott is telling these elected public servants, if you don't work you're not going to get paid.

Walking out on unfavorable legislation is akin to a little kid stomping out of the room when he or she doesn't get their way. The level of childishness is astounding. However, it's the new way of the radical liberal ideology.

In a similar situation, Major League Baseball was miffed that Georgia lawmakers passed laws to help protect the integrity of their elections. Because they feared reprisal from the leftwing loonies, MLB yanked the All-Star game out of Atlanta.

Just like professional baseball's gaggle of spoil brats took their bats and balls because they didn't get their way, Texas Democrats are throwing a temper tantrum because they didn't get theirs.

Ironically, the bill creating the stir in Texas has the same objective as similar pieces of legislation in Georgia and Florida. All that Republicans want to do is to protect the integrity of the election process. There is no other agenda.

However, the radical left assumed control of the White House through voter fraud. Seems to shed some light on why they are so adamantly opposed to anything that protects that sacred democratic process. Well, Governor Greg Abbott says that these toddler-like temper tantrums will have consequences. Good for Governor Abbott.

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

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