Texas Attorney General's Election Ƒraud Unit Makes Arrest on Multiple Counts of Election Ƒraud

All across the U.S., there is a fight being held, a fight for the future of our country.

Many counties full of patriots are fighting to prevent election frɑud from ever happening again.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton announced that the court is slated to hear 500-plus voter frɑud cases.

Just prior to his announcement, Paxton discussed the case of Monica Mendez. Mendez was convicted on multiple charges of frɑud related to a 2018 local election.

Charges included unlawful possession of ballots, illegal voting, election frɑud, and unlawful assistance of a voter. Mendez faced multiple counts of each charge.

Trump voters and others concerned with election integrity are eager to see justice served. While we wait to see the results of the Maricopa County audit in Arizona, many are encouraged by the apparent interest in audits by lawmakers from other states.

Legislators from at least 20 states toured the Arizona audit site, and many were impressed by what they saw.

Via the Texas Attorney General’s Office:

The Election Frɑud Unit arrested and booked Monica Mendez into the Victoria County Jail on June 23, 2021, after a Victoria County Grand Jury returned an indictment against her on multiple counts of election frɑud: 7 counts of Illegal Voting (a 2nd Degree Felony), 8 counts of Unlawfully Assisting Voter Voting Ballot by Mail (a 3rd Degree Felony), 8 counts of Unlawful Possession of Ballot (a State Jail Felony), and 8 counts of Election Frɑud (a State Jail Felony).

The Texas Secretary of State referred the case to the Office of the Attorney General after allegations of illegal voting and other election code violations arose out of the 2018 Bloomington Water District Election.

We hope other states follow the lead of Ken Paxton and Texas governor Greg Abbott, who recently committed to an election integrity bill in the Lone Star state.

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