TERRIFIED: Bloomberg Scared Of This Top Opponent And It Isn't Who You Think It Is...

Bloomberg came out strong with his feelings on Tuesday. He is not afraid of President Trump. He feels a threat of Bernie Sanders winning the 2020 Election. Which means Sanders will beat him in the Democratic nomination.

Reported by CNBC:

Mike Bloomberg’s campaign said on Tuesday that it sees Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., as the only threat to Bloomberg winning the Democratic nomination and defeating Donald Trump in 2020.

Dan Kanninen, the lead state strategist for Bloomberg’s campaign, led off a briefing with reporters by saying Bloomberg and his team view Sanders as the only other candidate who has a shot at being “sworn into office next year.”

When asked why former Vice President Joe Biden was not on his list of candidates who could beat Trump in November, Kanninen pointed to a new round of polling, including in Florida, that he described as showing former front-runner Biden’s status had “collapsed.”

“It’s consistent [with] what we are seeing from our own numbers. It’s consistent [with] what we are seeing on the ground,” the Bloomberg advisor said about Biden’s struggles, while noting the growing crowd size at rallies for the former New York mayor in Florida, Virginia, Arkansas and Oklahoma.

Biden has dropped in recent surveys since his disappointing fourth-place finish in the Iowa caucuses, while Sanders and Bloomberg have surged. A Real Clear Politics polling average has Sanders in first, followed by Biden and Bloomberg, who started the race in seventh.

Bloomberg plans to expand his ground in the game by opening 50 more campaign offices nationwide and 10 in the crucial state of Florida. He announced this on Tuesday.

So far he has 150 campaign offices across the country and will have 200 total by the end of the weekend. He has 2000 or so staff in these campaign offices as well. He's essentially trying to buy the nomination with his net worth of $60 billion dollars.

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