Ted Cruz Takes Maria Shriver to School After Her Senseless Remark About Rittenhouse Trial

I think it's safe to say that most of you probably know who Maria Shriver is.

Shriver is an award-winning journalist, the niece of John Kennedy, and the ex-wife of Arnold Schwarzeneggar.

For some reason, maybe because she's a liberal nutcase, she's having a hard time understanding why Kyle Rittenhouse was found not guilty. Those of us who aren't lacking in our cognitive abilities understand how open and shut this case really was. He was attacked and his life was being threatened so he shot his assaulters in self-defense. Easy peasy.

But Shriver must not understand the law. She said,

“I’m trying to take a beat to digest the Rittenhouse verdict. My son just asked me how it’s possible that he didn’t get charged for anything. How is that possible? I don’t have an answer for him.”

“The idea that someone could be out with a semi-automatic weapon, kill people, and walk is stunning. I look forward to hearing from the jury. This is a moment for them to explain how they came to their decision.”

Well, Sen. Ted Cruz took it upon himself to enlighten Shriver on how the law works.

“Pretty stunning that she’s an @nbc anchor. She ‘doesn’t have an answer.’ Try this: (1) He WAS charged with six counts. That thing that just finished was his trial. (2) A jury of his peers found him not guilty. (3) Why? The defense argued he was engaged in self-defense. (4) What facts support self defense? – the three people shot all chased him, assaulted him and/or tried to grab his gun – ALL THREE were convicted felons (on served 15 years for child molesting) – the defense argued Rittenhouse feared for his life (5) You might personally disagree, but the jury heard evidence & presumably concluded he was acting to defend himself from what he reasonably perceived to be an imminent threat to his life. (6) Also, ALL THREE of the people shot were White (contrary to false media reports). (7) Generally ‘white supremacists’ don’t shoot White people. (8) Numerous Dem politicians & corporate media outlets (including your employer and especially @msnbc) recklessly alleged he was a white supremacist. (9) NO evidence was adduced at trial to support that claim. (10) A whole bunch of those corrupt media outlets are now retaining defamation lawyers, because they’re ALL about to get sued—and the liability could well be massive. @mariashriver hope that helps!”

For the life of me, I really can't understand why it is that liberals are convinced that Rittenhouse was guilty.

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