Ted Cruz Leads the Charge to Put an End to the COVID Insanity for Good

The pandemic that started spreading across the world in late 2019 was a tragedy. The virus triggered the worst public health crisis in over 100 years. It was a horrible time. Millions of people died. However, hindsight is proving that much of the death and anguish could have been avoided.

Much of the hardship that society endured during the laborious three years of the pandemic was because of overbearing policy decisions. Sure, people had a right to be worried about themselves and their loved ones. Nevertheless, government bureaucrats used the pandemic to stoke fear. COVID created insanity unrivaled in modern times.

Virtually every American is tired of all the mask requirements, vaccine mandates, and otherwise senseless preventative policies that never worked to begin with. Everyone agrees that it’s time to “put an end to COVID-19 insanity for good.” Texas Senator Ted Cruz is leading the charge to stop the crazy mandates and worthless health precautions for good.

There are at least seven different bills designed to stop the government’s abuse of COVID. One is the No Vaccines Passport Act. The No Vaccines Passport Act would prohibit the federal government and other third parties from requiring vaccine passports, such as airlines. It would essentially take away the federal government’s power to enforce vaccine mandates for travel.

A separate bill, the No Vaccines Mandate Act, would block anyone who administers vaccines or boosters from giving a shot without parental approval. This bill will also make it a violation of civil rights to vaccinate a person without consent. The Parental Rights Protection Act takes this a step further. It prohibits recipients of federal funds from imposing vaccine mandates on minors.

The No Mask Mandate Act would prohibit any agency from enacting a mask mandate on public property or on public transportation. Federal funds cannot be used to enforce any federal mask mandate. There is also the Let Them Learn Act, which would stop Washington, D.C., public schools from prohibiting unvaccinated 12 to 15-year-olds from attending school in person.

The GIVE LIFE Act is another huge bill designed to reverse insane policies. This bill would prevent hospitals and medical professionals from denying critical procedures because someone isn’t vaccinated. Medicare and Medicaid providers will no longer be able to deny services to individuals based on their vaccination status.

Stopping these ineffective and senseless government health mandates is long overdue. Many did more harm than good. Everyone’s fed up with the current far-left administration using a virus as an excuse for a power grab over society.

But once we take away the powers they handed themselves for COVID-19, what will stop them from creating a new source of fear? Dangerous research is still happening today. The next pandemic could be one more lab leak away!

As well, government officials are inching the world closer and closer to a potentially devastating global war. What will these powermongers choose as the next “tool of fear”? You can bank on something, guaranteed. These so-called “confident leaders” are the ones who are terrified. They’re petrified of losing their power.

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