Ted Cruz Gets Heckled During 'The View' Appearance...You Won't Believe Who Shut Them Down (VIDEO)

Nearly every one of the big mainstream media outlets are rife with liberal idealogues. The cable news networks are all tainted by the progressive left. ABC is probably the most obvious. The amount of propaganda on ABC with a left-leaning slant is unbelievable.

"The View" is one of ABC's well-known liberal programs. It would be humorous if its extreme Marxist ideologies didn't mislead so many Americans. It's depressing to listen to these hosts talk about anti-American vitriol. It makes sense why disillusioned liberals are so pessimistic.

The View indulges in racial discourse as if racism permeates every American home. This circus performance despises the American dream. There is no denying that the cast of The View openly expresses their hatred of the United States.

American patriots undoubtedly find the show difficult to watch.

Occasionally, ABC does provide a voice for dissenting opinions. The instances are rare, and they hardly ever provide an unbiased platform for discussion. Recently, Texas Senator Ted Cruz was one of those unfortunates who made the effort to be bipartisan.

The conservative senator did everything he could to be cordial and professional. However, obviously this radical leftist show has an audience infiltrated by like minds. It seems logical that a show that spews an insatiable hatred for conservatives wouldn’t have many in the audience.

The View’s audience is predominately stuffed with crazed radicals. Rarely are these leftist loonies able to calmly debate anything. They scream and shout, so differing opinions cannot be heard. It’s because their personal beliefs, ideas, and philosophies are hogwash.

Well, during Senator Cruz’s attempt at bipartisan conversation with his leftist hosts, the audience disrupted the whole show. It was a sad display of childishness. Surprisingly, co-host Whoopi Goldberg tried to subdue the hecklers.

She chastised them; insisting that “We hear what you have to say, but you gotta go! You gotta go. You gotta let us do our job.” It didn’t work. The radicals continued to heckle the Texas Senator. Eventually, the show had to cut to a commercial break. What a sad joke.

Senator Cruz did remain on the show after the break. Apparently, the uncompromising radical hecklers were removed. It was a bad look for ABC. Nevertheless, the hosts tried to do as much damage control as we’re sure they could muster.

Co-host Ana Navarro attempted a feeble apology, stating: “I’ve been very vocal and critical of you, but I’m sorry that this has happened in our house.” Maybe if these radical leftists didn’t incite hatred on a daily basis, these types of people wouldn’t be part of their live audience.

Senator Cruz did not personally address the disappointing scene on The View, but he did retweet a clip from fellow Republican Andy Biggs. Previously, Biggs stated, “Liberals preach ‘tolerance’ but are the least tolerant people in America.”

This is proof of one thing. Liberals are blatant hypocrites. Every one of the hosts on The View is a hypocrite. Their apologies to Senator Cruz were inauthentic. They apologized for this radical disruption because they had to. Funny, they really didn’t seem too surprised.

If the truth is revealed, they probably all had a good laugh backstage at the expense of the conservative senator. The people to blame aren’t the childish hecklers. Thousands of Americans are being brainwashed by this anti-American mainstream garbage.

Those responsible are the ones who call themselves “adults in the room.” These are the guilty parties who continue to peddle their uncompromising hypocritical hatred. The View hosts should be ashamed because they’re the ones truly to blame.

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