Teacher Identifies AS Teen To Avoid Wild Criminal Charges

Amanda Dorrough, 35, was arrested in Washington state for providing alcohol, drugs, and sexting to a group of runaway minors, aged 13-18, and is now facing multiple charges, includingunlawful harboring of minors.

The case was brought to light when two of the teens showed up to Port Angeles High School and admitted to a runaway plan that was uncovered by police. According to reports, the teens were in the company of Dorrough when officers found them in agully near a church".

Prior to the arrest, at least 10 calls had been made to the police regarding Dorroughs involvement with minors. On May 2, two days before her arrest, several officers searched near her apartment and spotted three teens running away from her home. The officers then went to the gully and found Dorrough with a student listed as a runaway and four minors "cuddling with each other on the ground".

Dorrough reportedly told the arresting officer that she "feels like teenagersunderstand her better" and that she "identifies better with teenage kids", and later shocked staff at the Clallam County Jail when she said she identifies as a 15-year-old boy.

When the officers searched the area they found two empty condom packets, one unopened condom, a bra, and an empty cigarette packet with a lighter. Neighbors had also complained that minors were coming and going from Dorroughs apartment and one claimed to have seen Dorrough shirtless with a boy who appeared to be 13 years old.

Another allegation was made by a parent who said their daughter had been smoking the drug Spice and consuming vodka at Dorrough's apartment. A tip was also reported to a therapy clinic that Dorrough had a sexting relationship with a 12-year-old and had been trespassed from the Boys & Girls Club due to "predatory behavior."

Seattle radio host Jason Rantz, who first reported on the case, said an underage alleged victim told him that Dorrough told him she "liked him" but when he didn't reciprocate she got upset and "almost killed herself."

Dorrough has now been charged with one count of distributing a controlled substance to a minor and has since posted bail. It is unknown whether she will face any additional charges.

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