Sweden Embraces the Closest Thing to the Mark of the Beast We've Ever Seen

Let me just put my card on the table here. I am not of the mindset that the mark of the beast is something that we'll see in our lifetime.

The reason I hold that belief is because I think that it has already taken place.

I don't believe that the mark is a literal mark on the hand or the forehead, but rather it is symbolic of devotion to the beast. So much so that you can't do anything without pledging that allegiance to the beast.

I believe that all of this took place during the 1st Century A.D. under the Roman emperor Nero.

I think that probably the majority of American Christians hold to what is called the Dispensational view and have a futurist interpretation of the Book of Revelation. That's fine and dandy with me if that's you. I used to hold to that view as well.

All of that being said, I've got to admit that what we're currently seeing in Sweden really does seem to pretty much fit the criteria of what some people say they're looking for in the mark of the beast.

For literally decades, people have been saying that microchips that are implanted into the hands of people is the mark of the beast. This time though, it's different.

They used to be just for keeping track of some things, but now, I can definitely see the potential in this being required to do practically anything in life.

We all know about the COVID passports and how in some places they're required if you want to eat at a restaurant, workout at a gym, shop at a store, or a variety of other things.

Now, the Swedes are getting the chips implanted into their hands in order to be able to prove they are vaccinated in order to be able to do the things I mentioned above.

So quite literally, they are taking something into their hand so that they can buy and sell and possibly to even work.

Right now it's still voluntary, but that doesn't mean that it won't become mandatory not only in Sweden, but all over the world. Maybe there is something to this New World Order/One World Government after all.

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