Summer of Love 2.0 Initiated - Radical Left Become DEMONIC and Threaten to 'Burn It All Down!' Over SCOTUS Ruling

So...what's new in the world? I'm only joking of course, because for the next few weeks, all we're going to likely hear about is the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade, if indeed that is truly going to happen.

As of right now, it's just a rumor that an opinion piece has been leaked. It really makes you wonder how this even happened.

As a human being, I'm thrilled to see the preservation of other human lives come to fruition in my lifetime. As a Christian, I'm elated to see fellow image bearers being rescued from the hands of the ungodly.

I could really say a lot about the evils of abortion, but I'll not do that today.

What I want to address though, is just how the liberals are responding to this. I'm sure that we're in for another "Summer of Love" in which riots take place and cities get burned down. Hopefully, these liberal cities learned their lessons and will refuse to put up with this crap this go-around.

Anti-Christian liberals are really seething over this and it's really just bringing out their demonic side.

One thing that I've noticed with these sorts of people is that they are passionate about two issues and when they are confronted on these two issues, they turn violent and honestly, demon-like, as though they were possessed or something. Those two issues are the Gospel, and abortion.

Think about that for a moment. Two of the most fundamental ideas in the world; that there is a God and salvation in Jesus, and that all people have value and that the innocent ones should be defended and protected. I'm serious when I say that you've never seen people be as wicked as they are as when you put one of these two issues in front of them.

Let's see how many of these people end up in D.C. Gitmo. I bet it's zero because they're liberals and the corrupt politicians will bail them out of jail and drop all charges, just like they did in 2020.

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