Students at Alabama Elementary School Manage to Smuggle in and Fire Handgun

If parents plan to own firearms, they should seriously take control of how they store them. Far too many kids are able access their parents' guns without them being aware of it.

This very thing happened at an elementary school in Alabama, where this particular incident took place. A handgun and ammunition were acquired and brought to school by several students at an elementary school. The gun fired a bullet as they were fiddling with it.

According to WHNT,

The incident happened around 8:45 a.m. The school’s teachers and administration responded immediately to the disturbance caused by the gunshot and quickly contained the situation.

Additionally, the school administration contacted the parents/guardians of the students involved and will begin working with HCS to discuss disciplinary consequences.

Law enforcement was called to the school as well and will work to investigate how the students got the gun and ammunition to bring to the school.

The school released this statement along with the press release, “As the District has stated in the past, school safety is a community effort, and HCS needs the help of parents, guardians, and families to ensure that our students are not able to obtain these dangerous items. Please ensure that all weapons in your home are secured and that your students do not have access to them.”

People always want to say that this sort of thing can't happen in their area. You're wrong. I don't care where you live. This is an area that I actually keep track of what happens in the community because I have an interest there, and this is the second crazy instance that has taken place in this area in just the last few months. The other instance was a man who was trying to get into the school who shouldn't have been there.

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