Steve Bannon Drops a Bomb on the Corrupt Leftist Elite – "You’re Going to Prison!"

Liberal operatives worked to sabotage President Trump from the moment he announced his presidential candidacy in 2015. They never stopped. However, the deceitful, “behind-his-back” manipulating went far beyond his political opponents.

Even trusted members of his own administration tried to stab the popular president in the back. A recent “60 Minutes” interview with former Defense Secretary Mike Esper revealed startling revelations. Some experts suggested that this sort of crooked manipulation was going on.

However, Esper finally exposed the truth. The former White House Chief Strategist under President Trump, Steve Bannon, says what was revealed constitutes a coup against a sitting U.S. President. Bannon insists that he believes these crooks will go to prison.

The former Trump strategist spoke during “Real America’s Voice” on Rumble during the Monday broadcast of the “War Room”. Based on what Esper revealed during his talk on 60 Minutes, Bannon laid out his theory.

He insisted that, “Esper lays out the coup and lays out the guilt of him and Milley. And we’re going to have a massive investigation of this, sir. And I hope and believe you’ll go to prison, because you belong in prison.”

This is harsh rhetoric, but considering what Esper really said, very poignant. Esper admitted to going behind a sitting president’s back to undermine that president’s agenda. Just before the airing of the 60 Minutes show, President Trump released a statement about Esper.

The popular former president referred to him as “a weak and ineffective leader.” If Steve Bannon is correct, Esper is also a criminal. Like many of the crooks in the liberal left, it’s high time they secured criminal defense attorneys. This has all the earmarks of treason.

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