Stacey Abrams Proves that She Lives in an Alternative Universe

The progressive left has beliefs that defy logic. They must. They contradict reality every time they speak. Democrats assert that the "border is secure" as Americans witness millions of illegal immigrants flow over the southern border of the United States. It's not.

Radical leftists asserted that a vaccination that was rapidly approved would prevent everyone from contracting a virus. It didn’t. The record-breaking inflation was only temporary, claimed Joe Biden and his crew of economic morons. It wasn’t. Biden attributed an unprecedented rise in gas costs to "Putin's War." It isn't.

Long before Russia put a boot into Ukraine, gas prices began their historic ascent. The election is considered to have been stolen whenever liberal candidates lose.  On the other hand, they assert that the election was the most secure in history when blatant signs of fraud are revealed. Democrats live a different reality.

Georgia's Stacey Abrams is one extremist Democrat who claims that an election was stolen from her.

She has not yet accepted defeat in the race for governor of Georgia in 2018. Nevertheless, every time Congress enacts legislation that helps to ensure voting integrity, Abrams shouts racism and bigotry.

Stacey Abrams is like every other radical liberal. They defy logic and common sense. Abrams is also a pro-abortion freak. She believes women should have the right to murder unborn children right up to the point of birth. But even more amazing is how Abrams interprets the science of reproduction.

Doctors and medical experts have researched human reproduction for decades. Nearly every expert concedes that life begins with a heartbeat. Dedicated research concludes that this happens at some point around six weeks during a pregnancy.

Virtually every scientific expert agrees with this estimate. Medical journals write that a fetus’ heart begins to beat at around six weeks. Regardless of the exact moment of a fetal heartbeat, Stacey Abrams thinks she knows more than trained medical professionals.

Even a medical doctor issued a rebuking statement that confirms Abrams is wrong. Dr. Grazie Christie, M.D., is a licensed radiologist. She works with pregnant women. Dr. Christie chastised Abrams for saying that Georgia should repeal its heartbeat law that restricts abortions.

Like the rest of her radical leftists, Stacey Abrams is lost in an alternative universe. She has no conception of reality. Worst of all, Abrams lacks the good sense to admit she might be wrong. She’s wrong, all right. Stacey Abrams is wrong for Georgia, and she’s especially wrong for unborn babies.

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