St. Jude Adopts the Mark of the Beast

For decades, there have been a number of things that people attribute to the mark of the beast.

Some people have said it's bar codes, or microchip implants, or even Monster energy drinks.

But in all honesty, this one thing is pretty much the closest thing that I've seen to the mark of the beast since the actual mark of the beast.

Now, just to reveal my cards a little bit, I personally believe that the mark of the beast was something that occurred in the period leading to the destruction of Jerusalem as Jesus prophesied in the Olivet Discourse (Matt. 24, Luke 21, Mark 13) and that it had more to do with emperor worship.

However, I acknowledge that I'm a fallible man and that there are other plausible theories on the mark of the beast. I think most American evangelical Christians believe that it is something that is still in our future (the view I used to hold).

But even with my view, I can't help but see what St. Jude Children's Research Hospital just did as something very similar.

They are now going to require all employees to get vaȼȼinated against ȻOVID and refusal to do so will lead to the termination of that employee. This essentially turns it into a "they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark" situation because this takes away their livelihoods.

This is from a portion of the letter that they sent out to employees:

“I understand that some of you have questions and concerns about receiving the ȻOVID-19 vaccine and may be reluctant to do so for various reasons. At St. Jude, we have a team of world-renowned researchers and clinicians who are happy to speak with anyone who is hesitant about receiving the vaȼȼine.

As our mission states and as our St. Jude core values echo, we must ensure that advancing treatment for children with catastrophic diseases is at the center of everything we do. This means providing our patients and their families with the safest treatment environment possible.

To ensure we meet that mandate, we are requiring that all St. Jude employees be vaȼȼinated against ȻOVID-19 by Thursday, September 9.

We reached this decision after much research, analysis and discussion. It is the right thing to keep our campus safe. Our duty to our patients frames everything we do. This is the logical next step to ensure we stay one step ahead of the virus.”

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