Special Force Soldier Was Paraded Around Venezuela's Streets For THIS Shocking Reason

Former U.S. special force soldier became Venezuela's number one streamed video to be watched on the news channel.

He was paraded around by Venuzuals police during the video repeatedly yelling, He tried to smuggle President Nicolas Maduro.

He keeps exclaiming that President Trump asked for him to do this.

According to The Daily Mail:

Luke Denman, 34, was arrested Monday alongside fellow American Airan Berry, 41, and six Venezuelan mercenaries as part of the foiled coup that he said was commanded by President Donald Trump through an ex-Green Beret named Jordan Goudreau, 43.

'The only instructions I received from Jordan were that I should make sure to take control of the airport for safe passage transfer of Maduro and receiving airplanes,' Denman said.

'Take Maduro back to the United States'.

In the broadcast, Denman also holds up a document that he says is the contract with Goudreau's company Silvercorp outlining his job for the mission. He states that it is signed by Goudreau, Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó, as well as his advisor Juan Rendón. 

It came after Secretary of State Mike Pompeo ridiculed the idea of official government involvement Wednesday, saying: 'There was no U.S. government direct involvement in this operation.

'(If) we'd have been involved, it would have gone differently.'

Asked who may have bankrolled the operation, Pompeo said: 'We're not prepared to share any more information about what we know took place.' 

In the video broadcast to Venezuelan state TV, the American citizen identifies himself as Luke Alexander Denman from Austin, Texas. 

'It would properly mean World War,' he said of the scenario pitched by the interviewer in which Venezuelans would attempt an attack of the United States in the same way. 

He said that he entered the U.S. Army in 2006 and served for five years. He claims to have met Goudreau for the first time in Germany in 2009 or 2010.  

Goudreau has previously said that Denman served in Iraq and Afghanistan with him.  

Our world as we knew has changed so drastically for all of us Americans. The stuff you hear and see pop up in news media, heard on the radio, and many other ways.

This will not be the last incident to pop up in the news. I'm sure we will have many more whether good or bad.

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