Son 32, Killed And Dismembered Parents And Boiled His Mom's Head In A Pot

Joel Guy Jr, 32, butchered his mom Lisa, 55, and dad Joel Snr, 61, for their $500,000 life insurance after they told him they were going to cut off his allowance.

Prosecutors say he stabbed his father 40 times with a knife while his mom was out grocery shopping, and when she returned, he stabbed her 30 times. He then set about the grisly task of dismembering their corpses by placing some of the body parts into an acid solution to destroy the evidence. He then boiled his mother's head in a pot on the stove while other parts were soaked in acid in a blue plastic container.

Knox County Sheriff’s Office detective Jeremy McCord said what he found inside the home was “the most horrific thing I’ve ever encountered in police work – in my life.”

According to DailyMail

Jurors deciding the fate of a Louisiana man accused of stabbing and dismembering his parents over the Thanksgiving weekend 2016 in Tennessee were shown a gruesome police video depicting the aftermath of the killings on Monday.

Joel Guy Jr, 31, appeared in Knoxville court on Monday on first-degree murder charges in the November 2016 slayings of his 61-year-old father, Joel Michael Guy Sr, and his 55-year-old mother, Lisa Guy.

Prosecutors told the jury panel that Guy Jr first knifed his father to death in the upstairs exercise room of his West Knox County house on November 26, 2016, then ambushed and stabbed his mother to death when she returned home from a shopping trip, reported WBIR.

The son then allegedly dismembered his parents' bodies and tried to dissolve some of the remains and boiled his mother's head in a pot.

'Joel placed pieces of the bodies in an acid-based solution in an attempt to destroy evidence,' Knox County Sheriff's Office Maj. Michael MacLean testified.

Lisa's severed head was discovered in a pot of boiling liquid on the stove, according to court documents.


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