SMOKING GUN! Here's the Email Hunter Sent with Classified Information from Daddy Joe

The evidence that is mounting against the Biden crime family is piling up to the sky. If this were anyone else, I think there would be some serious investigations going on. The emails found on Hunter Biden's laptop and Joe Biden's offices and homes were related to a variety of topics, including Ukraine, Iran, China, and the United Kingdom.

According to emails obtained from the “Laptop from Hell”, Hunter sent a lengthy email regarding Ukraine to his partner Devon Archer on April 13th, 2014, one week before Joe Biden was due to visit the country to meet with then-Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk. This email included an impressive amount of detail which could have only been acquired through a briefing either directly from Joe Biden or potentially through viewing confidential documents.

In her article for the New York Post, Miranda Devine pointed out that this email stood out due to its length. It contained 22 points pertaining specifically to Ukraine's political situation at the time and predicted an escalation of Russia’s “destabilization campaign” which could lead them to take control of Donetsk.

It also suggested that this would limit future exploration into offshore opportunities for the UK, lead to further destabilization of the country politically and result in more severe sanctions imposed by the US upon not just Russia but also potentially onto European countries who may be struggling for support against such measures.

At point 22 of the email thread, Hunter instructed Archer that they should purchase burner phones so as to better keep their personal conversations private. While there is no concrete evidence as yet as to what prompted Hunter Biden's prescient observations in this email, it certainly raises questions as it has a distinct feeling of having received an official briefing or even viewed confidential files. Such questions are likely going to remain unanswered until further investigations are conducted into both Joe and Hunter Biden’s activities in relation to Ukraine at that time.

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