Sleepy Joe Biden is Regretting His VP Pick Now After Poor Performance

There have been numerous books written about the inner workings of Washington, D.C. Some of these books are not reliable and are more focused on sensationalizing "palace intrigue" than providing accurate information. Many of these books focus on the activities of U.S. presidents and tend to be popular with readers who are interested in knowing what goes on in the White House.

Chris Whipple's recent book about Joe Biden is an example of this type of book. However, given the secretive nature of the White House, it is likely that much of the information in Whipple's book may be based on hearsay.

But for the sake of argument, we’ve got to assume that some of what Whipple writes is relatively accurate, if, of course, it’s taken in context. But the author mentions one thing in his book that Americans would have to agree meets the “eye test.”

Anyone who’s watched and listened to Biden’s choice for vice president must agree on one thing: Kamala Harris is in over her head, WAY over her head. She was selected for all the wrong reasons. She made the ticket because of her gender and the tint of her skin, period.

Harris has proven to be little more than a cackling buffoon who complains about just about anything and everything. Kamala Harris wanted to be “anointed” with all the pomp and circumstance of the Vice President of the United States, but did not want to do the work.

She has been an abject failure. However, at least according to Chris Whipple, the Biden administration knew this going in. In his book, The Fight of His Life, scheduled for release January 17, Whipple writes about Joe Biden’s feelings towards his snooty VP.

According to Whipple’s account, Biden called Harris, “a work in progress.” Anyone who’s watched Harris over the last two years would agree: she’s a “piece of work,” alright. Evidently, Biden is miffed over Harris’ husband's public complaints about the jobs she’s been assigned.

According to the New York Post,

“Biden was annoyed,” the book says. “He hadn’t asked Harris to do anything he hadn’t done as vice president — and she’d begged him for the voting rights assignment.”

The passage suggests that Biden’s outburst took place sometime after June 2021, when he publicly assigned Harris the voting rights initiative — which flopped in Congress.

That November, Biden seemed notably cool to Harris — essentially ignoring her while serving holiday meals at a DC soup kitchen — shortly after her allies anonymously slammed Biden to CNN and accused the West Wing of setting her up to fail.

Maybe instead of complaining about her jobs, Kamala Harris could try doing them. She has done nothing as VP. Her performance has painted a sorrowful picture of both women and people of color.

Harris’ abysmal showing as vice president has damaged the reputations of both. According to Whipple’s new book, Biden lashed out at Harris, saying, “He hadn’t asked Harris to do anything he hadn’t done as vice president.”

Apparently, she begged to take the reins of progressive pursuits on voting rights. In June 2021, Biden publicly handed her that job. This is after a complete failure of leadership in addressing the U.S. southern border crisis.

How did Harris do with the voting rights assignment? It flopped in Congress. Kamala Harris is a flop. Biden has periodically cast cold glances at his VP. They are simply not having the cozy palace marriage that progressives envisioned.

Harris was being groomed to take over for the old man when he exited stage left. If the feelings of Americans are any indication, that’s never going to happen. In fact, if Biden truly does make the senseless decision to run again in 2024, most doubt that Harris will even be on the ticket.

There has been an unhealthy exodus from Harris’s staff. Most accounts insist that people leave because she’s an overbearing clod. Kamala Harris has an unlikable personality. She’s simply a boorish snob. However, according to many, she’s also terrible at her job.

Many believe Kamala Harris hobnobbed her way into every political position she ever attained. Seeing her in person raises doubts about her competence. Looking at her actual performance proves it. Kamala Harris is more than just a work in progress. She’s a “piece of work.”

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