Sidney Powell Finally Gives A New Update On Election Fraud Cases

I don't know about you, but I'm honestly a little upset with how Sidney Powell misled us all with the election fraud investigation.

I'm not saying that she doesn't have some good evidence, but she was supposed to release the Kraken, and I don't feel like we ever got that.

If you ask me, she definitely over-promised and under-delivered. I was expecting a whole lot more than what we saw out of her.

However, we see what has happened. Nothing.

That doesn't mean that there wasn't fraud, because I absolutely believe that there was. I wholeheartedly believe that President Trump won the election based on a mountain of evidence that I've seen.

I really do believe this was a highly coordinated attack on our democracy and that it's very likely that both Democrats and Republicans were responsible for this.

Powell recently sat down with Skyline News and gave some information about what she currently believes about everything.

"He [Trump] had about 80 million votes and Biden had much less than that, aside from the fact that hundreds of thousands of Biden votes were fraudulent from the get-go. There were hundreds of thousands of fraudulent ballots. There were flipped votes in algorithms run in the various machines and not just the ones from Dominion."

One thing that seemed very depressing about the situation was that there were some cases that were dropped by Powell. But what was great about the interview is that she actually explained why they were dropped, and it's not because of threats from Dominion or because of a lack of evidence. She said that the reason some of them were dropped is because they had asked the court to review the cases before the inauguration, which they failed to do, so they asked that they be dropped.

"I think the people around him for his entire term have controlled him by controlling the flow of information that he got from the people that he could talk to.  There was a massive effort throughout his term to tamp down and limit what he could do by all means possible.”

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