Showdown at the Golden Corral - Melee Breaks Out Over Steak (VIDEO)

What is it recently that has led people to forget how to act in public?

WAY too often I see videos and read articles of fights breaking out and to be honest, more often than not it seems like they take place as restaurants.

Why restaurants? What is it that makes people get livid and feel it's necessary to fight?

Well, this time it looks like it was all about some steak. One customer ordered a well-done steak and he was mad that it took longer to cook than it does a rare steak.

The Daily Caller reported,

Police are investigating a massive brawl that broke out inside a Bensalem, Pennsylvania, buffet Friday evening.

Customer Alexis Rios said the fight was started by a steak-related misunderstanding, according to WPVI-TV. The customer in front of Rios was reportedly upset because his well-done steak was taking longer to prepare than Rios’ rare steak.

People had a hard time understanding each other due to COVID-19 face masks, which escalated tensions, Rios told WPVI-TV. “With COVID right now, masks and everything, nobody can hear nobody sometimes.”

A video shared by Levittown Now showed a crowd of several dozen people forming to watch the beginning of the altercation, with many people shouting over each other. After about a minute, someone can be seen raising a chair above their head, followed immediately by numerous people throwing chairs.

Because of the age-restricted content label on YouTube, I'm just going to link to this video rather than embed it, otherwise, we'll get a slap on the wrist for it by the tech gods. So here is the video of the full fight.

Here is a video with portions of the video and some explanation.

Imagine being the other patrons who were just simply trying to eat their food in peace when this sort of fight breaks out. For goodness sakes they were throwing things across the room. And it was all over a piece of meat.

What makes matters worse is that it was all a misunderstanding.

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