Shortages and Inflation Aren’t Going Away Anytime Soon – Here’s Why

If you listen to certain liberal politicians, empty shelves and higher prices aren’t real. That’s difficult to fathom when you’re staring at a shelf in your local supermarket that’s bare. Americans are also not stupid.

For months, after being handed a line of B.S. about inflation being “transitory,” Americans are also waking up to this reality. Inflation hasn’t gotten better; it’s actually getting worse. The supply shortage crisis isn’t getting better; it’s getting worse as well.

But now the liberal clowns, whose policies have created this mess, have a new excuse. It’s all Vladimir Putin’s fault. The evil dictator’s invasion of Ukraine is responsible for every financial and economic calamity happening.

It’s Putin’s gas price spike. Putin is responsible for empty grocery and department store shelves. There’s only one problem with that excuse, other than that it’s baseless. All of these problems existed long before the first Russian soldier stepped foot on Ukrainian soil.

The whole idea that we’ve been fed a line of bull is aggravating enough. But some experts insist that the shortages and record inflation are going to be with us for a while. They might even get far worse before anything gets better.

There are indications that the problems will last well into next year, probably longer. One baffling aspect of these economic issues is the bogus reporting from the mainstream media. For instance, the liberal media proclaimed the supply chain crisis to be easing.

On the same day that the liberal rag, the Los Angeles Times, made this robust claim, the L.A. and Long Beach ports set new records for ships idly bobbing up and down, waiting to be unloaded. This unrealistic and untruthful reporting is a huge part of the problem.

But Americans aren’t buying it. It’s exposing the mainstream media for what they are. Lying megaphones for the phony liberal left. When Americans see the backlog of ships, reach for products that aren’t there, and then look at their store receipt, the truth is plain.

Shortages are real, and prices are going up. Any story trying to convince us otherwise is a boldfaced lie. Alex Mai produces the YouTube series “The Asian Mai Show”. It’s hard to envision anyone being more knowledgeable about the trucking industry than Alex.

Part of the shortage issue involves online outlets such as Amazon. A huge percentage of the products sold on these platforms come from China. That’s just one piece of the puzzle. The bottleneck at U.S. ports is actually created by a similar bottleneck at foreign ports.

Truckers and suppliers are not able to return empty shipping containers because countries such as China are not accepting them. The chassis, the empty trailer on a semi truck without a container, are backlogged to get these containers removed.

Truckers have to pay to have them taken off and stored. There is no way to load a full container and haul it to a destination until this happens. The “stimulus checks”, and ballooning unemployment benefits, triggered a shortage of workers, which makes the problem even worse.

These worker shortages mean truck drivers often have to sit idle for days waiting for a load. The claim that America has a trucker shortage is bogus as well. Look at the price of used trucks. The price of a used semi-truck has nearly doubled in the last five years.

The same situation applies to trucker wages. If there was a shortage, trucker wages would increase. They have not. Most people are asleep in the middle of the night. However, if anyone took the time to look at trucker overnight parking areas, they’d find them full.

A trucker shortage is not responsible for the supply shortages. These debilitating problems are the direct result of terrible liberal policies. Another side of this bogus claim of a trucker shortage involves the wages paid to truckers.

The companies that pay their drivers fairly are not reporting a shortage. The big corporations that are ripping truckers off by paying 1960s-level wages are the ones who say there’s a shortage. There’s no shortage. Truckers have just caught on to these big corporation’s games.

This shortage bleeds into inflation. Nearly 90 percent of what Americans buy ends up in an offshore shipping container at some point. This backlog has caused prices to rise by five to ten percent on its own.

This process has created a spiraling effect, which further fuels inflation. Every single one of these problems has been worsening long before Russia invaded Ukraine. The Ukraine crisis is a convenient excuse. It’s a lie.

But hey, as long as we have Vladimir Putin to hang the blame on, don’t expect much to change. If bureaucrats refuse to address the actual cause of these problems, don’t look for things to improve anytime soon.

Nevertheless, the supply chain crisis is just a part of a much bigger problem. It’s not an isolated situation. From the pandemic, to the southern border, to inflation, to gas prices, the American people are being lied to. The lies become increasingly more audacious every day.

Hopefully, there will be a silver lining to all of this calamity and chaos. Americans will see with their own eyes what the truth really is. Maybe then the manipulative politicians will experience something very real themselves; getting booted out of their jobs at the ballot box.

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