Shocking New “Selection Code” Movie on the 2020 Election Steal is DEVASTATING

A supposedly "bipartisan committee" is holding hearings to look into criminal wrongdoing by a president who is currently not even in office. The January 6 committee "claims" they are looking into the factors that made the "Stop the Steal" demonstration pose a risk to our democracy.

The charade contrived by Nancy Pelosi seeks to persuade Americans that President Trump is to blame for the events of January 6. Not at all. In a similar vein, the mainstream media has persisted in downplaying or completely ignoring any evidence that the 2020 presidential election was rigged.

Democrats who cheated are fully aware that the election was rigged. They organized the work. “Mules” stuffed ballot boxes with illegitimate votes. Precincts were staffed with liberal operatives who were paid for by dishonest Democrats like Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook.

Even before Election Day 2020, the crooked mainstream media and big tech helped to manipulate the election narrative. The 2020 presidential election was both manipulated and flat out stolen. That’s the crime a “commission” needs to be investigating.

But until Republicans retake control of Capitol Hill, you can bet there won’t be an ounce of legislative time spent on the “real steal”. But that hasn’t stopped dedicated patriots from organizing thorough investigations.

Many people who believe President Trump is justifiably still claiming the election was stolen are doing the footwork. Dinesh D’Souza has produced a shocking documentary, 2000 Mules. 2000 Mules uses video surveillance to show “mules” hauling around thousands of illegal ballots.

Officials in multiple key battleground states have uncovered troves of suspicious voter registration problems. This wasn’t “inconsequential fraud”. Just like President Trump has insisted since the final vote was called, fraud during the 2020 election was “widespread”.

It was so widespread, and perfectly targeted at important, key states, that it flipped the final election outcome. Joe Biden did not win. Like all his failed liberal policies, he is a fraud. Recently, a new world premiere documentary was announced.

Selection Code is set to premiere on August 20, 2022. Selection Code takes months’ worth of data research that was targeting odd “glitches” in various vote count reports given on election night. Less than a week after the election, The Gateway Pundit noticed a strange pattern.

What this bizarre pattern showed was that all the strange system glitches in voting machines favored Joe Biden. But President Trump loyalists didn’t throw up their hands and stop. They kept digging for more evidence. Selection Code exposes this evidence.

Supporters of President Trump, who agreed the election was being stolen, obtained data about the election results being fed to The New York Times. This data was what the mainstream media used to broadcast ongoing results and make outcome predictions. They were wrong.

About one week after the election, the data showed that millions of votes were either flipped from President Trump to Biden or totally lost. Democrats cheated. Not only did they stuff ballot boxes with hundreds of thousands of illegitimate ballots, they manipulated vote counts.

Some found it mysterious that hundreds of voting machines vanished within days of the election. The authorities were unable to audit them for errors. That was certainly a convenient stroke of luck for Joe Biden and the Democrats. It wasn’t luck. It was done on purpose to hide evidence.

The Gateway Pundit produced a three-minute video called “Drop and Roll”. Drop and Roll explained how Democrats stole the election. Millions of conservatives heard about these claims, which is why millions of Americans rightfully still believe the election was stolen.

But the corrupt mainstream media refuses to talk about any of these facts. Why would they? They’re culpable of helping cheat to “get their party” elected to the White House. With the latest production, Selection Code, the evidence proving Joe Biden’s illegitimacy is overwhelming.

How much more evidence do Americans need? The radical “never Trumpers” will always refuse to believe the truth. We must not concern ourselves with these idiots. However, a U.S. Presidential election was stolen. True, January 6, 2021, turned into an unfortunate calamity.

However, it wasn’t an insurrection. January 6 wasn’t a threat to our democracy, either. However, November 3, 2020, was. Joe Biden and the crooked Democrat Party stole the election. This is how corrupt dictatorships seize power. Americans have been cheated. We should be furious!

We cannot roll over and allow these crimes to go unpunished. The 2020 presidential election was the true “insurrection”. Someone must be held accountable for what happened. Voters must elect leaders who pledge to uncover the truth that 2020 was “The Big Steal”.

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