SHOCKING: New Poll Further Reveals the Greatest Steal in American History

The crooked, Democrat-backing mainstream media has continued to spew lies about the 2020 Presidential Election. Anyone who questions suspicious activity surrounding vote counts or precinct irregularities is a crazed conspiracy theorist.

Truthful numbers and peculiar facts never earn airtime from the fake news media. It’s always supporters of former President Trump’s push of a “big lie”. Well, as more and more evidence is revealed, the election looks more and more like it was clearly stolen.

Much of the evidence is now overwhelming. The 2020 Presidential Election was rigged. Let’s consider a few numbers from 2020 that have never seemed to line up with reality. Number one is the fact that President Trump secured more votes than any sitting president in U.S. history.

President Trump’s 2020 final vote tally was 12 million votes more than in 2016, when he defeated crooked Hillary Clinton. It appears that crooked could just as easily apply to Joe Biden. More odd facts have surfaced.

Joe Biden won a record low number of counties across the country. Biden’s final county winner count was only 16 percent. Yes, Joe Biden secured less than 20 percent of all the counties across the United States.

After handily defeating crooked Hillary in 2016, President Trump did even better in 2020. This continues to make the idea of Joe Biden’s capability to generate enough votes to win increasingly more suspicious.

President Trump improved his final vote count in 2020 compared to 2016 with Hispanics, females, black voters, LGBT people, and immigrants. It seriously draws into question how a Joe Biden, who barely left the basement of his home, could receive over 81 million votes.

Many Americans feel he did not. It’s that simple. The numbers just don’t lie. Some say there was a huge jump in voter turnout in 2020. With President Trump improving across multiple voter categories, it seems illogical that the increase could add up to Biden’s winning total.

Now, if, as suspected, there are millions of fraudulent ballots at play, this begins to make the math make more sense. Joe Biden didn’t benefit from a dramatic increase in voter turnout, he benefited from a massive number of illegal and bogus ballots.

If you carve off hundreds of thousands of illegitimate votes, Joe Biden begins to lose one swing state after another. Before long, President Trump’s increased number of votes begins to look more like the reality. This is not about any big lie, it’s a “big steal”.

The data dive went even deeper. Joe Biden is said to have connected with low-income voters. This seems highly unlikely given President Trump’s tremendous appeal with low-income and middle-income Americans.

Recent polls, numbers which address Biden’s performance as America’s illegitimate president, show over 60 percent of those who disapprove of his performance do not hold college degrees. The logic is clear. These people adored President Trump, and they despise Joe Biden.

Joe Biden never did appeal to these people. He never has. They know what a fraud he is. The real fraud is how the Democrats managed to cheat and manipulate the low-income numbers; then stuff the 2020 ballot box with dead people and more fraudulent votes.

Claiming fraud surrounded the 2020 Presidential Election is not a big lie. The big lie is the election itself. It may have been the greatest theft committed in the history of our great nation. It’s time there were consequences.

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