SHOCKING! Girl Who Killed Uber Eats Drivers Gets Slap on the Wrist While Man's Family Suffer Loss

Back in March, two young girls tried to steal a car from an Uber Eats driver. When the man tried stopping them, they ended up driving away with the man holding on and killing him.

The incident was tragic and the only thing one of the girls cared about was her cell phone.

One question I think of is what were they expecting to do if they had succeeded in the carjacking? Do they think they were going to sell the car to a chop shop like in "Gone in 60 Seconds". This isn't the movies, this is real life and there are consequences for our actions.

The horrific event was caught on video and what's even more disgusting about is that in the video, you hear the girl more concerned about her phone after she wrecks the car and killing the driver, than with the man himself.

Now, the 15-year-old girl is basically getting off the hook. She has pleaded guilty to felony murder and will be placed in a juvenile detention center until she turns 18, then she'll be released.

That's it! No prison and less than 3 years in juvenile. That is unbelievably outrageous. This is what happened when you have Democratic prosecutors.

John Roberts tweeted,

The 15 year-old who killed Uber Eats driver Mohammad Anwar has pled guilty to felony murder. Because of her age, she will be remanded to juvenile detention and will be released when she turns 18.

The teen agreed to a plea deal and as a result, the D.C. Attorney General agreed to drop all other charges. This is just appalling and I don't know how the Attorney General can live with him/herself after she murdered a man.

What does this teach the younger generation? It teaches them that you can commit serious crimes and not have to worry too much about it.

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