SHOCKING Discovery Made by Cyber Ninjas During Maricopa County Audit

Arizona Secretary of State, Katie Hobbs is an enemy of Arizona, America, and democracy.

You may recall the statement she put out where she blamed the Cyber Ninjas audit team of damaging the voting machines in Maricopa County rendering them forever unusable because they opened up the machines to audit them when they're not certified to do so.

But how do you expect a proper audit to be performed anyway unless the machines are taken apart?

The Huff Post reported,

Arizona’s secretary of state informed Maricopa County officials Thursday that hundreds of the state’s vote-tabulating machines should no longer be used because of their handling by the inept, partisan company hired by Senate Republicans to recount ballots cast in November’s presidential election.

The machines should not be used again because there is no way of knowing whether they were tampered with while out of the county’s custody and under the control of Senate Republicans and the controversial Cyber Ninjas company conducting the recount, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security told Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, she said in a letter to the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors.

New machines reportedly could cost the state millions of dollars.

But, here's the thing about all these accusations...they don't matter because the machines were not certified to begin with!

The firm that "certified" the equipment was not even certified to certify the equipment. Their certification had expired in 2017, but supposedly certified the equipment in 2019 when they were not allowed to do so.

They wanted to make it seem like all the Cyber Ninjas were really doing was breaking stuff basically.

So what this means is that while the Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs and the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors accused the auditors, and specifically Cyber Ninjas, of compromising the machines in such a manner that they should never be used again, the truth is that they should have never been used to begin with because they weren't even certified!


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