Sharon Osbourne Wants Her $900,000 BLM Donation Back

The left rarely, if ever, genuinely believes in the issues they claim to support when the curtain is pulled back. To deceive Americans, they crafted a false front. One good example is climate change. If we don't quickly stop using fossil fuels, the planet will end, claim leftists.

They all quickly board their carbon-emitting private aircraft, though, and take off for destinations all over the world. The so-called "green energy clowns" are frauds. Another tool the radical left employs to deceive people is racism. They want Americans to think that racism in America is unavoidable.

We're not, but if you ask a progressive Democrat, you'd think there's no use in trying since effort is hopeless. The leftist movement known as Black Lives Matter (BLM) exploded onto the scene. BLM was seen to be the only chance for racial salvation in America. Well, it appears to be a big fat hoax, just like most liberal claims.

Millions of Americans fell for the scam and sent money to this fraudulent organization. Sharon Osbourne, a well-known rock and roll executive and media personality, was one of them. Sharon was tricked into giving money to BLM.

BLM has made the lives of Black Americans worse. They’ve done nothing but pocket donations and pad their own bank accounts. BLM is a scam. It is just another leftist-driven, corrupt money-making racket. But Sharon Osbourne isn’t happy with being scammed.

The British-American celebrity donated nearly $1 million to BLM. Now that the organization has been exposed as a scam, she wants her $900,000 back. In a recent TMZ interview, Osbourne agreed with comments made by Kanye West during a lengthy interview with FOX News’ Tucker Carlson.

West was chastised for wearing a “White Lives Matter” shirt at his recent Paris fashion show. Leftists on social media went insane. But Osbourne immediately agreed with the world-renowned rapper. She thinks Black Lives Matter is a scam as well. She wants her donation back!

Osbourne’s request was polite but firm. A tactless reporter surprised her during a shopping trip on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. But as usual, the much-loved TV personality was ready with a reply. “Well, we gave $900,000 to BLM, and I’d like my money back, please.”

BLM financial records who the organization has horded tens of millions of dollars. BLM officials are under intense scrutiny. Reports insist that they have failed to file the appropriate paperwork necessary to be a non-profit. That’s because BLM isn’t a non-profit. It’s a profit-making scheme.

As proof, records who that BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors has used donations to pay her family and friends millions of dollars. The corrupt organization bought one mansion in Los Angeles, California. Recently, BLM diverted millions to a Marxist charity in Canada.

The Toronto-based non-profit M4BJ purchased a 10,000-square-foot property for the equivalent of $6.3 million U.S. BLM is a scam. Sharon Osbourne is correct. When fraud cases are proven in the U.S. courts, the guilty are ordered to make restitution. It’s time for the crooks at BLM to pay up.

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