Senator Mike Lee Responds To Liz Cheney

Former Jan. 6 Committee member Liz Cheney is facing criticism after having a fit over the release of all the Jan. 6 videos by House Speaker Mike Johnson. Cheney, who is known for her strong stance against former President Donald Trump, was frustrated that the videos did not support the narrative that she and the Committee had been pushing. These videos showed individuals being peacefully escorted through the Capitol by police, with some even shaking hands with protesters.

Cheney's attempt to deflect from these videos by posting a montage of violence was quickly shut down by Senator Mike Lee (R-UT). He pointed out that the Committee had deliberately hidden these videos from the public, only showing the violent parts to support their attack on Republicans before the 2022 election. Lee also raised an important question – how many of the people involved in the Jan. 6 incident were actually undercover agents?

His question was valid, considering a recent report that the FBI had lost count of how many informants they had at the Capitol on that day. In fact, it was only after an audit that they were able to determine the exact number, according to an ex-official. This begs the question of why the Committee did not demand answers to this crucial question if they were truly interested in the truth.

Cheney has yet to respond to Lee's question, and it is unlikely that she will as it would put her in a difficult position. Her focus on attacking Trump and Republicans seems to have blinded her from seeking the truth and exposing all aspects of the Jan. 6 incident.

Senator Lee also commented on a video that has caused quite a stir. The footage shows an individual, who had been handcuffed, being released and fist-bumping a police officer before he walked away from the other protesters. Many have speculated that this individual could have been an undercover agent, which raises even more questions about the involvement of agents in the Jan. 6 incident.

Lee's comments highlight the bias and lack of objectivity of the Jan. 6 Committee, which hired an ABC former president and "documentary storyteller" to sell their production, while ignoring the newly released videos that do not fit their narrative.

In conclusion, Liz Cheney's attempt to deflect from the newly released Jan. 6 videos has once again raised doubts about the credibility of the Committee's investigation. Senator Mike Lee's questioning of the involvement of undercover agents further adds to the need for a transparent and unbiased investigation into the events of Jan. 6.

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