Senate RINOs Conspire with Democrats to Prevent Americans from Challenging Elections

One of the things that bothered a lot of people following the 2020 presidential election was the fact that they believed that as Vice President, Mike Pence had the power to choose which set of electors account regarding the election results.

I'm not going to get into that debate as to whether or not I think he had the power to do so or not. That's not the focus of this article. Instead, what I want to focus on is the fact that they group of senators from both sides are getting very close to ensuring that it's not possible for the vice president to do so if this situation were to ever result again in the future.

Yes, this is a bipartisan proposal that has the backing of a number of RINOs. Among those Republicans are senator Susan Collins as well as Senators Mitch McConnell and Thom Tillis.

According to the activist group Protect Democracy, reforming the Electoral Count Act would change how votes are cast for the president and vice president.

“The Electoral Count Act (ECA) governs the process of casting and counting Electoral College votes for president and vice president,” Protect Democracy notes. ” The statute sets the timeline for states to appoint presidential electors in November and for electors to cast their votes in December, and describes the process that Congress should follow when it counts the states’ electoral votes in January.”

“As the nation learned in January 2021, the statute is badly in need of an update,” the group continued. “It includes antiquated and ambiguous language, and fails to offer clear guidance on key aspects of the process of counting electoral votes and resolving related disputes — weaknesses that render the statute open to misunderstanding or exploitation, and risk the peaceful transitions of power that have been a hallmark of our democracy.”

I've mentioned it before, but I think that our entire election system needs a massive overhaul. I think our method of voting needs changed in order to get away from this two party system that dominates our country right now.

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