Secret Service Investigate Another Celebrity After Threatening Joke Against President Trump

Throughout President Trump's term as in the White House he was under constant attack by the left, as well as I imply constant very essentially.

From the very first day, the left was attempting to impeach him. But in addition to that, he was frequently dishonored as well as intimidated, yet the media really did not care about those hazards.

Sure there have been a couple of instances in which a celebrity was spoken to, yet it was never ever somebody like Kathy Griffin that held a bloodied head of the President.

Tom Arnold was investigated after he made some threatening remarks against the President as well. I'm sure that the Secret Service will be watching him for the rest of his life as well now.

Now another celebrity has made his way on the watch list after making a bad joke about President Trump being murdered.

Stand-up comedian John Mulaney said the following "joke" during a monologue for Saturday Night Live, “Another thing that happened under Julius Caesar, he was such a powerful maniac that all the senators grabbed knives, and they stabbed him to death. That would be an interesting thing if we brought that back now.”

The Associated Press reported,

The Secret Service noted other remarks during the monologue, including: “I asked my lawyer if I could make that joke, he said, let me call another lawyer, and that lawyer said yes. I don’t dwell on politics, but I dislike the Founding Fathers immensely. … I hate when people are like, God has never created such a great group of men than the Founding Fathers. Yeah, the ’92 Bulls. … That’s a perfect metaphor for the United States. When I was a boy, the United States was like Michael Jordan in 1992. Now the United States it like Michael Jordan now.”

Two days after Mulaney’s “SNL” monologue, law enforcement officials contacted Thomas McCarthy, the global chief security officer and senior vice president at NBC Universal, to express the agency’s desire to discuss the joke with the comedian’s attorneys.

The Secret Service file included a report from Breitbart entitled, “SNL: John Mulaney Jokes that Senators Should Stab Trump Like Julius Caesar.” The investigation into Mulaney was opened in March and closed in December, five days after the comedian revealed the investigation during an interview with Jimmy Kimmel.

You can actually read the full document here (redacted of course for privacy).

Photo Credit: Red Carpet Report

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