Seattle Sweeps its Homeless Problem Under the Rug Ahead Joe Biden’s Earth Day Visit

The liberal left has mastered the skill of disguising their failed programs as something other than what they are. The radical progressive Democrats insist on one thing, but the reality is the polar opposite. Liberals profess to have answers, but they just exacerbate the situation.

Joe Biden is a textbook example of how bad policies have bad effects for the people of the United States. These liberal policy failures are most visible in Democrat-controlled major cities. Biden paid a visit to a community in the United States that has been hit by a slew of progressive policy disasters.

Seattle has a bad homeless problem, among other issues. Most liberal-run major cities are experiencing an increasingly more burdensome dilemma of excessive homelessness. Many of the policy decisions actually make this problem even worse.

Liberals will claim they have compassion for these unfortunate people. But their sympathy and compassion evaporate when the problem is about to get national exposure. That’s what happened on Earth Day in Seattle.

Joe Biden was set to visit the city. There was a stretch along Virginia Street to Olive Street between Fifth and Sixth Avenue. This section of Seattle city streets was packed with a dozen or more tents and crude cardboard shelters.

With Joe Biden coming to town, these people had to go. A spokesperson for the mayor’s office told The Seattle Times, “so that the city could close the streets and limit access to sidewalks to ensure the safety of the president.”

But what about providing public access to sidewalks and personal safety for everyday Seattle residents? Apparently, there were at least nine tents, including crude shelter structures, along these streets. It was honestly a pitiful sight and an eyesore for Seattle residents.

The homeless encampments between Fifth and Sixth Avenues weren’t the only ones targeted. The city claimed that these forced street evictions had nothing to do with Biden’s visit. But the Biden administration has made overtures towards enticing cities to reduce homelessness.

Since homeless people were forced to leave areas unaffected by the visit, that may be the actual motivation behind this sudden cleanup effort. The homeless were given two days to pack up and move. They had to have all their belongings gone, or city workers would trash their stuff.

Alison Eisinger is the Executive director of the Seattle/King County Coalition on Homelessness. Eisinger chastised city officials for trying to cover up the homeless crisis in Seattle. She insisted that this type of forced relocation will create undue hardship for many of the homeless.

She said it will disrupt the critical social services that these homeless people require, just so they can survive from one day to the next. This is typical for liberals. They don’t fix problems such as homelessness. When something needs fixed, liberals just sweep it under the rug.

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