Schoolteacher: Capitalism and Racism are to Blame for Coronavirus

Things already don't make a lot of sense in 2020, like Donald Trump losing the election. But just when you think you couldn't drop your jaw any lower, them leftist throw you yet another curveball.

We know where COVID-19 came from, there is no question about that... yet somewhere Capitalism AND Racism are to blame? Give me a break!

Why aren't we all holding the country of China accountable for this? Doesn't it seem silly to do anything but that? And yet, here we are... with the finger being pointed at anyone BUT those who are actually accountable.

And according to Caneisha Mills, a teacher in Washington D.C. it seems that China isn't anywhere in the crosshairs. In fact, according to her lesson plan, which was obtained by the Washington Free Beacon, there are three main culprits, and none of them are Beijing.

From the Free Beacon:

Hardy Middle School teacher Caneisha Mills had her students host a “People’s Tribunal on the Coronavirus Pandemic,” whose “defendants” included racism, capitalism, and the United States government. “I wanted to … point out that the capitalist system was behind the pain, trauma, isolation, and destitution [my students] were facing,” Mills said. “Capitalism, racism, and the U.S. government left us to die.”

As part of the tribunal, students had to answer a series of leading questions about America’s coronavirus response. “How does capitalism in the United States cause crises like the coronavirus and the flu pandemic of 1918,” one worksheet asked. “If the government and capitalist system are guilty, what should be the ‘sentence’?”

A long way from laying the fault at the feet of the Chinese, who are obviously a bunch of Commies, Mills' material really makes a special effort to praise China for taking “exactly the measures that a government should take in times of crises.”

Truly, measures like investigating a specialist who attempted to sound the alert in Wuhan. Measures like deceiving the World Health Organization. Measures like welding individuals into their homes to uphold a city-wide lockdown. In the event that we had a government body like the Chinese Communist Party, things would be quite much better! - This is sarcastic, obviously.

She's even going as far as encouraging other teachers to adopt her lesson plan, Mills proudly said that her students “wanted to put Donald Trump, Mike Pence, and all members of the federal government in jail.”

Sounds like a productive exercise in Marxist indoctrination. Kudos, Mrs. Mills. Our future is bright because of people like you – bright red.

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