Schools Begin Serving Insects to Children to Save Planet from Climate Change

Global elitists no longer try to hide their agendas. These radical, arrogant "know-it-alls" desire a different sort of government, an international one world government. The only decision-makers will be a small, self-selected clique, followed by the vast majority of peasants.

Destroying the middle class is a definite necessity in order for them to achieve their goals.  That is happening at an alarming rate in the United States. It's also happening in other countries. China already recognizes an elite ruling class. It’s called communism.

But socialist regimes are quickly gaining ground in other countries. To advance this international objective, the progressive left in the US is stifling traditional American values. The ideology of the world's elites is to downplay the significance of the average person.

To ensure the financial security of the ruling elite, the peasants are obligated to contribute economically. They cannot, however, use up important resources set aside for the privileged. Because the peasants are a necessary evil, the ruling class is unable to exterminate them in huge numbers. So they have to feed them.

But they have a scheme to pull off that as well. It’s called global warming. By scaring the masses into believing the planet is going to be underwater soon, they can trick people into doing just about anything. First, the climate change hoax is a weapon to create conformity.

Everyone must give up fossil fuels along with dozens of other “creature comforts.” However, there’s still the big problem of feeding these essential peasants. Certainly, the elite cannot simply decree, “Let them eat cake.” That would be a “heady” proclamation even from today’s global elite.

Even though the infamous quote has been much-debated across history, such an insensitive comment could trigger a similar demise for the ruling elite. Therefore, the modern-day elitists are starting things young. They’re beginning their “cuisine catering chicanery” with children.

Like many nations, the Netherlands has been overwhelmed by the “parasitic world of woke culture.” Much of this push to be “woke” includes the global warming scam. In the Netherlands, they’re connecting the parasite part of woke culture with food.

Yes, the Netherlands, and they’re not alone, are indoctrinating children on the notion of eating insects. This new food twist is being promoted across the European Union (EU). Last May, the World Economic Forum jumped on board with this plan to replace meat consumption with mealworms.

Are they serious? Any parent who has struggled to get their child to eat broccoli can envision the ensuing battle to con a kid into eating a worm. Try that strategy on most adults and see how far you get. Their reasoning falls back on the threat from “cow farts.”

The globalists want people to eat synthetic meat. This meat will predominantly be filled with various insect guts, including mealworms. In a published report, these radicals contend that “livestock around the world is responsible for around 14.5 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions.”

U.S. public broadcasting has jumped on the “bug bandwagon.” This past summer, the voice of public radio started urging Americans to eat tasty bugs. The EU’s so-called culinary experts proclaim the larval stage of the Tenebrio Molitor beetle, the mealworm, a safe and nutritious food source.

But there are hundreds of nutritional options for people that do not require eating bugs. Just ask any hardened vegan. So, why are the globalists pushing the bug food angle? Maybe it has more to do with conforming to the global ideology. This is like “eat your broccoli, or you’ll get nothing for dessert.”

Nevertheless these aren’t parents attempting to get their children to eat healthier. These are ruling class elites teaching compliance. They want behavioral conformity. They’re feeding kids worms to achieve a desired response; “obey.” If they’ll eat worms, they’ll do whatever they’re told to do.

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