School Teacher Awarded $325,000 After Being Forced to Do This to Student

If I'm being perfectly honest, I really hate what our country has become over the past 10 years, but really, more so over the last 5 years.

I often consider whether or not leaving the U.S. is something to consider for the long-term happiness of me and my family.

I think if I were rich, or if I didn't have children to support I would consider the idea more, but for now, I think the priority would be to find somewhere safe and away from stupidity. I can totally see the appeal of being a hermit now.

Recently, a retired Wall Township High School teacher agreed to settle a lawsuit she had filed against the school district in May 2019. Susan Parsons received a settlement of $325,000. A portion of this sum will help pay legal bills incurred during the lawsuit.

She indicated she voted for President Trump in 2016. She had served as a high school yearbook advisor, and in that capacity had been asked to edit photos on some occasions. In 2017, the principal's secretary (now also retired), allegedly instructed her to censor a photo of a student's pro-Trump "Make America Great Again" shirt. She removed the message to create the image of a plain blue shirt instead. Afterward, she reportedly received death threats.

Her lawsuit contended she was required to bear the blame for the incident. The high school subsequently re-published the yearbook to include an unedited version of the original photo. Her suit alleged wrongful suspension by the school district. She claims the defendants prohibited her from communicating with the media about the scandal.

Grant Berardo, the student in the yearbook photo, said in 2017 that he wore the T-shirt because it was a “historic” statement. His father has named all his children after United States presidents, and he thought it was “pretty cool” that Trump was running at the time the photo was taken.

”If there was a problem, somebody could have just told my mom,” Grant said. “They had a re-take day. But no one said anything.”

Parsons, a veteran teacher, claims she regularly complained about being forced to alter photos, saying the “yearbook should reflect reality.”

What hurts most about the experience is that her character has been damaged, Parsons told NJ Advance Media in 2019.

“Even though this information is coming out, not everyone is ever going to be told the truth,” Parsons said. “Most people don’t care. They’ll just remember ‘That woman, that nutcase, who did she think she was?’”

But conservatives are the hateful ones, right? Not a chance. Democrats are completely intolerant of anything other than themselves.


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