School District Bans Dozens of Books from the Shelves After Receiving "Complaints"

We live in a society in which public schools have degraded to one of the most despicable institutions in our government. The fact that I had to even say that it's part of our government is shameful. Our government should in no way be in control over what our children are taught.

This has only become painfully obvious over the last few years as the intolerant left and liberal propagandists have forced LGBTQRSTUV++ ideologies into the developing minds of small children and exposing them to sexual proclivity at a very young age, something that they have no business doing in the first place.

Let me say that I am 100% against public schools. 100%. I want them all abolished. But since we have them, their job is to teach kids how to count, read, write, and understand science (not pseudo-science garbage like gender identity), and a couple of other valuable life skills. Instead, they're just indoctrinating them. It's really simple.

To further their agenda, they like to ban books while allowing their perverted books to be part of normal curriculum.

One Texas school district recently banned the Bible, and an adaptation of Anne Frank. Those were only two of the books. There is a whole list of others.

The New York Post reported,

A Texas school district has pulled the Bible, an illustrated version of Anne Frank’s diary and about 40 other books from its libraries after the tomes sparked complaints from parents and community members.

The Keller Independent School District emailed principals Tuesday ordering the temporary removal of all books that were challenged last year, so that librarians and campus staff can review the titles and make sure they’re in line with a new district policy, the Texas Tribune reported.

“By the end of today, I need all books pulled from the library and classrooms,” the email from district curriculum director Jennifer Price said. “More information will be sent regarding action for these books … Once this has been completed, please email me a confirmation. We need to ensure this action is taken by the end of today.”


The inclusion of the Bible in the Dallas-area school district’s libraries was first challenged in November 2021, by a parent who whined that it contained “Inappropriate content including: Sexual content, violence including rape, murder, human sacrifice, misogyny, homophobia, discrimination, and other inappropriate content,” a district spokesperson told The Post. That person withdrew the complaint a month later.

Two more challenges to the Christian holy book were made at around the same time in February by different people, one of whom claimed that “it is a map to slavery, incest, sex between donkey and women, misogyny, murder, pedophilia you name it, it’s in there.”

The other parent griped that, “Religion doesn’t belong in public schools. This book also describes multiple acts of sexuality and violence,” according to the spokesperson.

I've had Christian friends who have told me that they'll just "undo" whatever garbage they learn in schools and teach them the right way. Well, let me tell you something, if that worked, it would have worked. People have been saying and "doing" this for DECADES! Look at where we are now. It's not working. Also, your children are not called to be "missionaries" at their school. But you know who is called to do something? You. You're called to teach your children and to bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.

If your child was doing their "job" of being a missionary at school, they would have been kicked out already and you would be teaching them elsewhere. Religion, or should I say, Christianity, is not welcomed in public schools.

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