ABOMINATION! Lutheran Church Allows Drag Queen to Prayer and Preach (VIDEO)

Religious zealots have tormented the Christian church for centuries. Some have plundered spiritual integrity. However, one event at a Lutheran church in Chicago may be as disturbing as any hypocritical religious exercise in history.

Recently, St. Luke’s Lutheran Church of Logan Square held what they referred to as “a dress rehearsal for joy”. No responsible believer would have any problem with such an initiative. However, it’s what happened that has created a firestorm of controversy.

Alluding, as most radical liberals do today, to the despair created by the global pandemic, Seminarian Aaron Musser preached to a group of young children. Again, herein is not where the problem lies.

What’s so frightening is that Musser was dressed in drag. According to Musser, somehow a man dressing up like a woman in front of young kids was supposed to help them express joy. This is not only weird, it’s downright creepy.

To show some kind of “liberation from oppressive laws”, Musser dressed like a drag queen. This is an odd way to secure trust, while comforting a room full of confused children. However, this seems to be a convenient strategy for the radical left.

We’re not sure if these children felt frightened by all the fear triggered by two years being embroiled in a pandemic. However, seeing a trusted male role model dressed up as a woman must have been an even scary experience.

We cannot honestly fathom where some of these crazy radical ideas derive. It’s insanity. What useful purpose a “drag queen hour of prayer” has in church befuddles the mind. Hopefully, the parishioners, especially the parents of these children, leave empty pews to show their disgust.

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