S. Carolina Police Chief Stabbed in the Face With Ice Pick and was Told “You’re Going to Die Today” after Answers His Door

A South Carolina police chief was stabbed in the face right under his right eye with an icepick at his own home on Monday.

Bonneau Police Chief Franco Fuda said he answered a knock at his door and was greeted by a suspect who said the chief was “going to die today,” the suspect then lunged at the police chief and stabbed him in the face with an icepick and fled the scene.

The man, who was later identified as Forrest Bowman, was reportedly arrested after a standoff with police at his mobile home.

Bowman was naked and screaming when a swat team escorted him in handcuffs, Bowman was charged with attempted murder, and a local judge has denied bond in the case.

According to Bizpacreview

South Carolina police have a suspect into custody after he allegedly stabbed the department’s chief in the face with an ice pick.

According to multiple reports. Chief Franco Fuda of Bonneau said he was at his home Monday when he heard a knock on his front door.

After going outside to meet with the suspect, he reportedly told the chief Fuda was “going to die today” before lunging and stabbing the chief below his left eye with an ice pick as Fuda dialed 911.

The chief noted that the suspect, who was eventually identified as Forrest Bowman by Berkeley County Sheriff’s deputies, then fled the scene and holed up in his mobile home as officers moved in.

A responding SWAT team instructed Bowman to come out of his home a number of times before sending in a robot to determine his location.

Shortly thereafter, the team made an entry and discovered Bowman hiding between a wall and a mattress. Reports noted that a judge denied bond Tuesday evening after Bowman had been charged with attempted murder, assault, and other charges.

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