Russia Threatens Direct Attacks on Western Cities for Providing Ukraine with Missiles

There are clear problems with the US assisting Ukraine in its fight against Russia and Vladimir Putin.

One of the most glaring problems is that we are assisting Russia's adversary, and as a result, we have become adversaries. "Any friend of my enemy is my enemy," you might have heard. That's also how Russia's tyrant Vladimir Putin sees the situation.

For the first time, Russia has issued a warning to western cities that if the rockets that the US is sending to Ukraine touch Russian territory, things would get ugly.

Top Putin ally and former president Dmitry Medvedev delivered the ominous caution.

“If, God forbid, these weapons are used against Russian territory, then our armed forces will have no other choice but to strike decision-making centers,” Medvedev warned.

The missiles that we are providing Ukraine have the ability to travel only 50 miles, so they can't really attack Russia with them. They are likely more worried about defending their own land, not attacking Russia. Doing something like that would send the rest of the Russian army to Ukraine to obliterate it from the map.

My biggest thought is what are we getting out of this deal? How is the United States benefiting from sending Ukraine hundreds of billions of dollars and weapons? I have just a couple of thoughts on the matter.

The first one is the gamble idea. Maybe there is some sort of agreement between the U.S. and Ukraine that if/when they get finished with this war, a large portion of their GDP will then come into the U.S. I've always heard that war is a big money maker. I'm not exactly sure how that is, but it must be.

The other thought that I've had has to do with Joe Biden and his corruption in Ukraine. Remember, that Joe Biden committed a quid pro quo regarding releasing money to Ukraine in exchange for the country firing a certain prosecutor who was investigating his son's company. I'd be willing to bet that Ukrainian President Zelenskyy knows all about this arrangement and is using it as blackmail to force Biden's hand.


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